ICYMI… Triantafilou: Quinn column on Trump abrogates his newsroom’s obligation not to pick sides

This week, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou submitted a letter to Plain Dealer editor Chris Quinn in response to his column titled “Our Trump coverage upsets some readers, but there aren’t two sides to facts.”​

In the article, Quinn outrageously makes numerous comparisons between Trump and Adolf Hitler saying, “Our nation does seem to be slipping down the same slide that Germany did in the 1930s. Maybe the collapse of government in the hands of a madman is inevitable, given how the media landscape has been corrupted by partisans, as it was in 1930s Germany.”

The media landscape has been corrupted by partisans, but those partisans are clearly found at the head of their newsrooms.

Quinn then used this moment to go on CNN and share some more “facts,” claiming that JD Vance and Bernie Moreno’s only “claim to fame” is that they want to be “puppets” for Donald Trump.

Maybe Quinn is right—there are not “two sides to facts.” The fact is that Bernie Moreno and JD Vance have both lived out the American dream and are fighters for the people of Ohio. Moreno is a legal immigrant from Colombia who came to the United States, built businesses, created jobs, was involved in his community, and has a wonderful family. Those are facts.

Supporting America First policies and saying Donald Trump is a good man does not make him a puppet at Quinn says. It makes him someone who is ready to stand side-by-side with President Trump and JD Vance and stop the insanity and failed policies of Democrats in Washington.​

Read Chairman Triantafilou’s full response here:

By: Chairman Alex Triantafilou


President Donald Trump shocked the left-wing establishment when he defeated Hillary Clinton. Nearly every pundit, newsroom, and talking head misread that moment. In doing so, they misread the American people.

In 2024, the lessons are still not learned. Plain Dealer Editor Chris Quinn in his March 31 column, “Our Trump coverage upsets some readers, but the facts must prevail,” tries to make the case that Trump is the modern-day equivalent to Adolf Hitler and that his newsroom will do their part by telling “the truth about Trump.” This outrageous and offensive hyperbole disregards the majority of Ohio voters who voted for Trump and will do so again.

Journalists used to have a tremendous responsibility to inform the public. Rather than use that responsibility wisely, they now pick a side, because they believe their judgment is sounder and more moral than yours — the voters.

Mr. Quinn has made an editorial decision that sets the baseline for every single news story that comes out of his organization. The conclusion, as I read it, is that Trump and his supporters are shameless liars, and his organization will work to defeat them. No sound journalist would approach their work in this manner.