John Carney Misleads Ohioans

The Ohio Republican Party released a new web video detailing how Democrat John “Carnocchio” Carney has been misleading and lying to Ohioans.  “Carnocchio” Carney has been airing a negative television ad that has been labeled as false and misleading by at least three independent news organizations.

“John Carney has introduced himself to Ohioans by revealing himself to be a liar who couldn’t be trusted to be an independent auditor,” said Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges.  “Again and again independent news outlets have called out his lies and even his own campaign spokesperson admitted it wasn’t true.  Carney’s actions show him to be just another partisan politician who can’t tell the truth.”

Last week the Ohio Republican Party launched a website, to detail Carney’s partisan ways and problems with the truth.  It shows how Carney is Ohio’s new Pinocchio

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