Judge4Yourself: Inexcusable Rhetoric Clouds “Non-Partisan” Organization

CLEVELAND—Yesterday, the Ohio Republican Party sent a letter to “Judge4Yourself,” denying their request to interview the Republican candidates for Ohio Supreme Court. While the Cleveland-based organization “Judge4Yourself” claims to be an independent coalition that examines judicial candidates who appear on the ballot in Cuyahoga County, the radical behavior of their leadership demonstrates they are anything but.

C. Ellen Connally, who serves as a Co-Chair of the Coalition, has repeatedly engaged in hyper-partisan and inappropriate behavior towards Republican elected officials and cannot be trusted to be an impartial voice in the “Judge4Yourself” process. As such, the Ohio Republican Party is recommending that Republican candidates should decline any invitation to participate in this process.

“The Party is going to take the groundbreaking position that Republican candidates should not participate in a process led by someone who advocates for physical violence against Republicans. C. Ellen Connally’s behavior is repulsive and no serious jurist should waste their time trying to win her approval. ‘Judge4Yourself’ will not be hearing from our candidates for Supreme Court and we hope they will not hear from any Republicans moving forward,” said Cameron Sagester, Executive Director of the Ohio Republican Party

A small sample of Connally’s comments regarding Republicans on social media can be found here:







This behavior is inexcusable and Judge4Yourself should be ashamed to be affiliated with this person.

Bottom Line: With Connolly in a leadership position, Judge4Yourself cannot be trusted to be independent, bipartisan, or anything other than another far-left organization that seeks to harm Republican candidates.