Let’s Be Clear Where Ohio Democrats Stand on Abortion

COLUMBUS—In the coming months, Ohioans from all sides of the political spectrum are going to heavily debate the ghoulish November abortion ballot initiative.


As a starting point, let’s all remember exactly where Ohio Democrats stand:



Ohioans deserve to understand the simple fact that Democrats believe there should be ZERO restrictions on abortion, so long as they can get sign-off from a Planned Parenthood abortion provider.


Allison Russo previously said that while she favors legalizing abortion with no restrictions, a Democratic plan to protect the procedure in the Ohio Constitution “may” wind up less sweeping. Now it looks like she is trying to have her cake and eat it too.


Last year, Sherrod Brown and Joe Biden made a major push to remove the Hyde Amendment, which prevented federal funding of abortion in most cases for over 40-years under presidents of both parties.


Brown has even voted to eliminate or prevent protections for children born alive after failed abortions.


While Democrats used to believe abortion should be “safe, legal and rare,” those days are now gone. Sherrod Brown’s own wife wouldn’t even give him a date until he proved his 100% anti-life record!


Bottom Line: Ohioans will reject Democrats’ radical stance on abortion—taxpayer funded, with zero restrictions.