LTE: Biden and Brown Let Veterans Down

In his recent op-ed, Sherrod Brown claims to be a friend of veterans. The sad reality is that since Joe Biden took office, he and Sherrod Brown have let down our servicemen and women every step of the way.

The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan was a disaster, with 73% of veterans having a negative view of the debacle. Brown remains silent when Joe Biden repeatedly disrespects our servicemembers. A Gold Star mother even described Biden’s conduct at dignified transfer ceremony as, ‘Total disrespect.

The unfortunate fact is, our military has reached crisis levels of low recruitment, and confidence in the US military is at the lowest in 25 years.

All this comes as Joe Biden and Democrats like Sherrod Brown embolden our enemies and degrade our allies’ confidence on the world stage.

This is a critical period of time, and the weakness shown by Biden and Brown is sending our country down a very dangerous course. Our veterans and service members deserve better than the failed leadership of Joe Biden and Sherrod Brown.

Alex Triantafilou is Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party.

Submitted to Delaware Gazette on 11/13/2023