LTE: Issue 1 Too Extreme for Ohio

DEAR EDITOR: Democrats and far-left abortion lobbyists would have you believe that Issue 1 is simply about codifying Roe v. Wade. In reality, this extreme amendment goes much further and is not in line with the vast majority of Ohioans’ values.

Roughly eighty percent of Americans believe abortion should be illegal in the third trimester, yet this amendment does not even provide basic protections for babies who are fully formed, can feel pain, and can survive outside the womb.

All it takes to skirt around their vague and dishonest language is for a Planned Parenthood abortionist to give their stamp of approval to have the abortion, regardless of the circumstances.

Democrats from the Statehouse to the White House have made their stance clear. They want to legalize taxpayer-funded abortions, on demand, at any stage of pregnancy. Whether you are staunchly pro-life, or believe there should be some access to abortion, this amendment goes much too far. Don’t be fooled. Every Ohioan should vote “No” on Issue 1.

Alex Triantafilou is Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party.

Submitted to the Columbus Dispatch on October 20, 2023.