LTE: For ‘more collaboration and less conflict’ Vote Yes on Issue 1

DEAR EDITOR: In a recent story, Ron Adkins states that voting ‘no’ on Issue 1 will create more collaboration and less conflict in our political system. In fact, it is exactly the opposite.

A ‘yes’ vote on August 8 forces amendments to Ohio’s Constitution to have broad, bipartisan consensus before making dramatic changes. Requiring a 60% statewide vote will guarantee that these issues are widely popular, deeply vetted, and in the best interest of the vast majority of Ohioans. An elevated standard will demand elevated efforts of collaboration and compromise from anyone who would like to amend our state’s foundational document.

When special interest groups decide to try to enshrine their policy goals into the Ohio Constitution, the first question they will have to ask themselves is, “Will the vast majority of Ohioans support this?” That is exactly the question Ohioans should demand be answered before being asked to approve a change to our entire system of government. Anything less subjects our state to continued divisiveness being sown by special interests who would rather win their particular political fights than see what’s best for all Ohioans.

This is not controversial. Voting ‘yes’ will safeguard our sacred Constitution from outside forces who will spend unlimited amounts of money to achieve highly divisive political goals at the expense of everyday Ohioans.

For working Ohioans who are in favor of good government, voting ‘yes’ on Issue 1 is common sense. It preserves the People’s critical role in our government, while making sure controversial issues are left out of our Constitution.

Alex Triantafilou is the Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party

Submitted to The Chronicle on 6/27/23