LTE: Ohio Republican Party Endorsed the Clear Choice in 2024

DEAR EDITOR: I recently read your Editorial Board Roundtable regarding the Ohio Republican Party’s endorsement of Donald Trump for President in 2024. There are some things that your readers should understand despite some members of your board using incendiary rhetoric such as “wannabe dictators.”

The Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee is comprised of 66 elected members—one man and one woman from each Ohio Senate district. While these are not paid positions, these individuals spend an extraordinary amount of time ensuring the Ohio Republican Party is making decisions that helps us accomplish our core mission of electing Republican candidates up and down the ballot.

The committee operates in a transparent manner with members of the media and everyday citizens attending every meeting. There is absolutely nothing about this process, or their selfless service, that would suggest our members were acting as “dictators” when they voted to endorse President Trump.

Now getting down to the matter at hand: While we appreciate all of the Republican candidates who are passionately making their case to the American people, it is clear that President Trump is the right choice in this moment. In fact, the question of the 2024 Presidential primary election, by any kind of tangible metric, is nothing short of a foregone conclusion.

Polling data shows that President Trump is leading the rest of the Republican field by nearly 50 points. In Iowa and South Carolina he is leading by approximately 30 points, and in New Hampshire he is leading by more than 25. The list goes on.

In fact, a recent Morning Consult shows President Trump leading the rest of the Republican field by nearly 60 points here in Ohio.

After four Republican primary debates, not a single candidate has been able to gain any kind of meaningful traction that would suggest they are going to be in a position to defeat President Trump. That is not to say that these individuals do not have anything to offer, but it has become increasingly clear that this is not their time. Much to the chagrin of many members of the media, President Trump is absolutely going to be the Republican nominee, whether the Ohio Republican Party endorsed him or not.

President Trump has proven time and again that despite the unhinged and relentless attacks from the radical left, he will never give up on fighting for Ohio’s workers, businesses and families. His unapologetic leadership and commitment to putting America First is exactly what we need to reverse course from the failed policies of Joe Biden and Sherrod Brown.

Those Republicans who disagree with President Trump’s style or tactics have every opportunity to make their case to primary voters, and they have been for many years. What remains abundantly clear is that not only will Trump win the Presidential Primary Election, but he is also well-positioned to defeat Joe Biden in 2024, especially here in Ohio.

Alex M. Triantafilou is Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party

Submitted to on 12/12/23