Mike DeWine’s Actions Deliver Justice for Rape Victims

Mike DeWine just announced that his office has completed the testing of nearly 14,000 formerly shelved rape kits. As a result, justice has been delivered to victims and rapists have been put behind bars.

This is yet another example why we need to elect Mike DeWine as our next Governor. One of DeWine’s potential Democrat opponents, Richard Cordray, was Ohio’s Attorney General when these kits were piling up and rapists were running free. 

“Ohioans deserve a Governor who takes action and delivers results,” Ohio Republican Party Chairman Jane Timken said. “Thanks to Mike DeWine and our great law enforcement agencies across the state, hundreds of rapists are answering for their crimes instead of stalking new victims. This is a significant difference between Mike DeWine and his potential Democrat opponent, Richard Cordray. As rape kits piled up on Cordray’s watch, he called for ‘conversations.’ When Mike DeWine took over, he demanded action and delivered justice.”   

As reported by Cleveland.com – nearly 300 law enforcement agencies sent a total of 13,931 kits. The results, DeWine said, have shut down any argument as to the value of the undertaking:

  • About 65 percent of the time, a DNA profile was identified and entered into state and national crime databases.
  • 36 percent of the time, those profiles resulted in a hit to a criminal profile or a match to another case.
  • Testing helped link 300 suspected serial offenders to 1,127 crimes, mostly rapes.

DeWine’s unprecedented undertaking already has changed the culture and will have a lasting impact on how police understand and investigate rape.

The choice is clear, Mike DeWine is the right person to lead Ohio boldy into the future. Sign up here to help us elect Mike DeWine as Ohio’s next Governor.