Ohio Republican Party 2024 Platform


We are the Ohio Republican Party. We are dedicated to the preservation of our Constitutional Republic and the Liberty which it enshrines. These core values are the foundation upon which we build our Party. We welcome all who share them.

We affirm the self-evident Truth that all people are created equal, including the unborn, and that they are endowed by their Creator with the Right to Life. The Ohio Republican Party stands in defense to protect this right.

Liberty is the cornerstone of our democratic Republic and the source of individual freedom.  We will defend the rights of a free people against any form of unjust coercion in government, in religion, in business, in education, in healthcare, in self-defense, and in free expression.

Family is the core of our civilization. The Ohio Republican Party will work to strengthen families and to defend the rights of parents to educate, raise their children with love and nurture them to reach their full potential without outside influence.

Government by the People
The Ohio Republican Party supports a government of, by and for the people and with the consent of the governed. We believe an orderly society of free citizens is best governed locally with the minimum amount of interference by the federal government.

Immigration and Border Security
We believe the Federal Government has an obligation and duty to protect and secure our borders and all points of entry. Our sovereignty is protected when immigration is done lawfully. We believe sanctuary cities violate federal law and endanger our citizens. A secure border protects Ohioans from the dangers inherent in uncontrolled entry of non-citizens to our nation.

Free Enterprise
We support the capitalist system of competitive free enterprise, believing that economic growth and prosperity lead to better lives for all Ohioans. We support measures to foster business creation and oppose burdensome business regulations. We support the rights of an individual to work the job of their choice with no coercion or interference.

The voice of the citizens of Ohio as expressed by their votes must be heard and protected through free, fair, and secure elections. The Ohio Republican Party supports all measures that ensure the integrity and security of our elections.

Right to Keep and Bear Arms
We support the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which affirms the right of U.S. citizens to keep and bear arms so we might remain free and secure.

Every child in Ohio deserves a quality education from a public, private, or home school.  We support curriculum standards that include Civics, History, our Constitution and founding documents. We oppose standards that seek to impose cultural and moral indoctrination. We affirm the rights of parents to determine how their children are educated.

Public Safety
The safety and protection of our citizens is the primary function of our government; therefore, we support law enforcement and the criminal justice system. The justice system should be fair to all, in accordance with our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

Adopted by the Ohio Republican Party on 12/1/23