Ohio Republican Party Pass Resolutions Against Issues 1 & 2

Columbus—Today, the Ohio Republican Party State Central Commitee formally endorsed a “no” vote on November’s Issue 2, which would legalize unfettered marijuana access across Ohio. Additionally, the party passed resolutions condemning Issue 1 and supporting JD Vance’s Freedom to Breath legislation.

“Issue 2 is a dangerous proposition that will endanger children, hurt Ohio businesses, and weaken our workforce. Across the board, Ohioans must remember to vote ‘NO’ this November on Issue 1 and Issue 2.”—Chairman Alex Triantafilou, Ohio Republican Party

As more states legalized marijuana between 2017 and 2021, the number of very young children eating edible forms of marijuana spiked dramatically. This is partially because the marijuana industry has proven they are unwilling to be responsible with their product, often packaging it to look like everyday children’s snacks.

Ohioans remember past “normalization tactics” pushed by the marijuana industry like “Buddie the Marijuana Bud.” Don’t expect them to stop targeting children, and putting them at risk, if Issue 2 passes in November.

The Ohio Republican Party previously endorsed against Issue 1, but passed an additional resolution today to reaffirm our commitment to defeat the radical proposal.

In addition to November’s Issues, the Ohio GOP unanimously endorsed and is encouraging passage of JD Vance’s Freedom to Breath legislation being considered in the U.S. Senate, while also expressing support for similar legislation at the state, local, and school level.

Please see the attachments for the full text of today’s Issue 1 and 2 resolutions. All three resolutions were passed unanimously by the committee.