ORP Executive Director Justin Bis Statement on 100 Days Under the Biden-Harris Administration

COLUMBUS, OH— Ohio Republican Party Executive Director Justin Bis issued the following statement on President Biden’s hundredth day in office:

“It took less than 100 days in office for Biden-Harris to bow to the far-left wing of the Democrat party. President Biden and VP Harris are frivolously selling a job-crushing Green New Deal, supporting dangerous efforts to pack the U.S. Supreme Court and dividing the nation by lying about Georgia’s election law.

“Perhaps equally disturbing is the radical, elitist nominees cycled out of Ivy League faculty lounges into policy roles without a lick of on-the-job experience. As a former Associate Director of Presidential Personnel at the White House, I know people are policy.

“It’s disheartening to see out-of-touch ideologues implement policy that is upending the American economy, destroying jobs and further eroding public trust in our democratic institutions. Such divisive picks will only further polarize Americans.”