ORP Statement on Dems Absurd Additions to COVID-19 Bill OP

Statement from ORP Chairman Jane Timken Regarding
Democrats’ Absurd Additions to COVID-19 Bill
“Sherrod Brown and Ohio Democrats continue putting party over country by refusing to vote for a bill that will give Americans access to essential financial relief in a time of global crisis. We feel strongly that a COVID-19 bill should only include stimulus plans relating to the economic hardship Americans are experiencing as a result of the coronavirus. Instead, elitist Democrats are trying to sneak funding for non-emergency items into the bill, like $35 million for the JFK Center for the Performing Arts and tax credits for wind and solar energy. The Democrats’ true colors have once again shone through.”
List of just a few of the proposed additions to the COVID-19 stimulus bill as proposed by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats
·     Corporate Board Diversity
·     Airline Emission Standards Increase
·     Study on Climate Change
·     Same Day Voter Registration
·     $35 million for the JFK Center
·     Union Bargaining Powers Increase