ORP Statement on Sherrod Brown’s Refusal to Vote for Trillion Dollar Rescue Package OP

Statement from ORP Chairman Jane Timken Regarding
Sherrod Brown’s Refusal to Vote for Trillion Dollar Stimulus Package
“Senate Republicans attempted to put partisanship to the side by working on a stimulus package that would benefit all Americans in the midst of COVID-19 uncertainty. Senate Democrats, including Ohio’s very own Sherrod Brown, disgraced the American people by voting against the rescue package which included measures such as providing payroll and rent for small businesses, credit to businesses across the country to help them survive, unemployment benefits, and putting cash in people’s pockets. Senator Brown must be rooting for a recession because there is no logical reason as to why he would deny Ohioans access to this much-needed financial relief. Democrats have proven once again they are only interested in playing partisan politics, even in the midst of a global pandemic.”