RFK Jr: A great alternative for far-left Democrats

COLUMBUS–This week, RFK Jr’s campaign announced that they have enough signatures to appear on the Ohio ballot. This is great news for a far-left Democrat who is looking for an alternative to Joe Biden’s embarrassing administration, but the radical policies will remain the same:

– RFK believes full-term babies should be allowed to be aborted.
– RFK has repeatedly called for a “ban” on “fossil fuel extraction,” including fracking.
– RFK praises the socialist Green New Deal as “good,” “important,” and something “we ought to be pursuing.”

“While there is little daylight between Joe Biden and RFK Jr, Republicans are clearly united behind President Donald J. Trump. Ohioans understand that his status as an “independent” is nothing more than a mockery of voters’ intelligence.”—Ohio GOP Spokesman Dan Lusheck

Bottom Line: Democrats may see RFK Jr as a viable alternative, but his far-left agenda makes him a non-starter for Ohio.