Richard Cordray ignores state law prohibiting use of taxpayer resources for political purposes

Yesterday, Democrat candidate for Ohio Governor Richard Cordray was caught using taxpayer resources for political purposes, a violation of Ohio law. 

“Once again, Richard Cordray has proved himself to be unfit for the office of Ohio Governor and showed Ohioans that he can’t be trusted,” said ORP Chairman Jane Timken. “It’s embarrassing that Cordray, a former Attorney General, is refusing to follow Ohio law and copyright agreements by using a taxpayer-funded multimedia service to prop up his political campaign.” 

Ohio Revised Code 3353.07 – “The Ohio government telecommunications service shall provide the state government and affiliated organizations with multimedia support including audio, visual, and internet services, multimedia streaming, and hosting multimedia programs. Services provided by the Ohio government telecommunications service shall not be used for political purposes included in campaign materials, or otherwise used to influence an election, legislation, issue, judicial decision, or other policy of state government.”