Richard Cordray must tell Ohioans where he stands on Medicare for all

Remember when Hillary Clinton said “You need both a public and a private position” on policy? Well, Richard Cordray has embraced that advice, especially when it comes to Medicare for all.

Ohioans have a right to know where Richard Cordray stands. Would he support Medicare for all as Governor, or not?

In public, Cordray dodged the question THREE TIMES. Watch:

Q: The Ohio Republican Party sent out a press release this afternoon, attempting to suggest you support single payer. Where do you stand?

CORDRAY: So I support the health care law that we have on the books today… I’ve not seen a plan that allows us to have single payer for the state of Ohio…

Q: So do you support or oppose single payer?

CORDRAY: Single payer is not in the law.

Q: Right, I’m asking you your position.

CORDRAY: Single payer is not part of the law, it is not part of the program in Ohio or the United States at this point in time…

In private, Cordray tells supporters that he is open to all options and would like to see healthcare for all. Listen:

Q: “You mentioned health care access earlier and I’d like to ask you, what you think you can do as governor to improve health care access? And particularly, I’d like to know is how you feel about a public option or Medicare expansion versus a market-based?”

CORDRAY: “I’m open to all suggestions and they have to be tempered a bit by affordability at the state level. You know I would like to see health care for all because I think it is a right, I think it is a basic human right and I think it’s in the UN charter that it’s a human right, not just a political right.”