Sex, Lies and Aftab Pureval

Democrat Aftab Pureval has been exposed for lying about using a local campaign account to fund a poll for his federal campaign.


According to the Cincinnati Enquirer:

“The poll itself – which until now has been held secret by the Pureval campaign – undermines repeated claims by them that it was for both a future clerk of courts run and an exploration of a congressional run. The poll is headlined, ‘Polling in OH-1 shows opportunity for Aftab Pureval.’ And there’s not one question about the 2020 clerk of court’s race.”

As the Ohio Elections Commission continues its work to determine if Pureval violated campaign finance laws, this report will no doubt make that decision easier.

Aftab’s problems don’t end with his campaign finance scandal, however.

Pureval is set to rub shoulders with David Letterman, whose widespread objectification of women in the workplace is especially relevant today as Democrats attempt to derail Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation over uncorroborated allegations.

Aftab’s appearance with Letterman will likely receive no pushback from his Democrat colleagues, despite the fact that Letterman’s past behavior violates the standard of conduct that they are now claiming Judge Kavanaugh violated.

This should come as no surprise as Democrats are also ignoring the past behavior of Sherrod Brown and Keith Ellison.

“Aftab Pureval lied to reporters and to the Ohio Elections Commission, but worst of all, he lied to the voters of Ohio’s first congressional district,” ORP spokesman Blaine Kelly said. “Whether by fine, vote, or both, Pureval will pay for his dishonesty.”