Sherrod Brown Has a Border Crisis of His Own

The Biden Border Crisis is nothing but embarrassing for Sherrod Brown, and dangerous for millions of American families. In his latest flip flop—Sherrod Brown is deciding to care about the border in the midst of the worst border crisis in history.

January 2019: “Apprehensions of illegal crossings at the border are at a historic low…” but Donald Trump is bad.
December 2022: “I don’t hear much about immigration from voters, except for people on the far right that always want to gain political advantage by talking about it.”
December 2023: US-Mexico border crossings set monthly record high

January 2024: Brown calls for “bipartisanship” and says his goal is to avoid people crossing the border and bypassing the legal immigration process.”

Bottom Line: Sherrod Brown does not care about the border or keeping Americans safe. His change of heart now has nothing to do with protecting the American people and everything to do with his own political future.