“They did it just to say they did it…..”

Democrat calls half-cocked plan to get President Joe Biden on November ballot a “Hail Mary”

COLUMBUS—This week, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office correctly pointed out that Secretary of State Frank LaRose does not have the authority to unilaterally disregard Ohio law.

Despite this being absolute commonsense, members of the media have decided to run with incendiary headlines, further fueling the conspiracy that Republicans are working to keep Joe Biden off the ballot:

Unlike the Democrat Party which actively fought to unlawfully keep President Trump off the ballot in states across America, Joe Biden’s ballot issue is a problem of his own making by not following basic election laws.

​Even Democrat State Senator Bill DeMora knew this tactic would not work, telling Cleveland.com that, “It was a Hail Mary to think that the Secretary of State had any ability to change the law when he’s an executive,” Demora said. “I never expected it to go, but they did it just to say they did it.”

“They did it just to say they did it…..”

Yep… That’s how serious these people are about following Ohio law to get their sitting President on the ballot.

Bottom Line: While it seems unlikely that Joe Biden will not be on the Ohio ballot in November, maybe we should be honest with Ohio voters and chalk this up to another bumbling fiasco from Joe Biden and the Democrat Party, not some kind of Republican scheme.