To the editor: August vote protects Constitution, not violate it

To the editor: August vote protects Constitution, not violate it
By: Chairman Alex Triantafilou
Toledo Blade

Democrats and far-left special interests are panicking because Ohio voters will have the opportunity on Aug. 8 to vote yes and protect Ohio’s Constitution.

While there are many false claims circulating that this is an attack on democracy, Issue 1 upholds the most basic principles of our Constitutional Republic, exactly as the Founding Fathers intended.

The United States’ Constitution was made purposefully difficult to amend, requiring a ⅔ vote in the U.S. House and Senate, as well as 75 percent of state legislatures to ratify.

However, a well-funded special interest campaign can amend the Ohio Constitution with a simple 50 percent + 1 statewide vote.

Critical to this debate is understanding the Ohio Constitution, the Ohio Revised Code, and the impact Issue 1 will have on the two primary documents that govern Ohio law.

Under Issue 1, the threshold to amend the Ohio Constitution would be raised to 60 percent + 1, ensuring anything added to our founding document is widely popular and in the best interest of the vast majority of Ohioans.

The new 60 percent threshold will apply not only to citizen led initiatives, but also to Constitutional amendments proposed by our elected lawmakers in the Ohio House and Ohio Senate.

This is common sense to anyone who does not want the Ohio Constitution to be the battleground for policymaking but believes it should maintain its role as a foundational document that secures our individual liberties and establishes our form of government.

On the other hand, Issue 1 has absolutely zero impact on changes to the Ohio Revised Code.

The Ohio General Assembly can still pass bills with testimony and input from the public to better the lives of the Ohioans they represent.

The people of Ohio can still repeal a law passed, or propose a new law, in the Ohio Revised Code with a 50 percent +1 statewide vote by way of referendum or initiated statute.

By voting Yes on Aug. 8, you are protecting Ohio’s Constitution, while preserving the people’s critical role in the governance of our state.

Every Ohioan who goes to the polls on Aug. 8 should have a clear understanding of this complex issue, as it will determine the security of the Ohio Constitution for generations to come.

Democrats are also trying to dupe Ohioans into believing Issue 1 is simply about the debate over abortion rights, which will certainly be a motivating issue for voters on both sides of the aisle.

The reality is, this is about much more than abortion lobbyists’ desire to enshrine late-term abortions into our Constitution.

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Ohio Restaurant Association, National Federation of Independent Businesses, and many others are supporting this issue for much different reasons related to Ohio’s long-term business climate and fiscal health of our businesses and families.

The bottom line is this: Most of these policy decisions are rightly debated by the Ohio General Assembly and should be governed by the Ohio Revised Code.

However, as previously mentioned, the people’s power is retained in their ability to roll back laws they do not agree with (such as Senate Bill 5) with a 50 percent + 1 statewide vote.

As Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, we will be working around the clock, encouraging every Ohio voter to get out and vote yes on Issue 1.