What they are saying about Dishonest Danny O’Connor’s flip flop on Pelosi

The Democrat vying to fill Congressman Pat Tiberi’s congressional seat, Danny O’Connor, confirmed that he would support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. This comes after months of insisting to voters and media that he would not support Pelosi. 

HOST: If it’s a decisive vote would you vote against Pelosi?

O’CONNOR: We need new leadership on both sides.

HOST: You know that for the Democrats to get control, you have to have 218 members of the House vote for the candidate of the Democratic party for Speaker.

O’CONNOR: I would vote for whoever the Democratic party puts forward.

Here’s what they’re saying about O’Connor’s flip-flop:

  • Columbus Dispatch: “After long dissing Pelosi, O’Connor now says he could vote for her as speaker”
  • Cleveland Plain Dealer: “O’Connor grudgingly yielded that if Pelosi is the House Dems’ choice for speaker, ‘I would support whoever the Democratic Party puts forward.'”
  • Buzzfeed News : “Nancy Pelosi Is Making Things Complicated In Ohio’s Big Special Election”
  • Washington Post : “Ohio Democrat learns that any comment about Nancy Pelosi can and will be used against you”
  • Washington Free Beacon: “Dem Congressional Candidate Dodges, Ultimately Confirms Support for Pelosi”
  • Fox News: “‘Never Nancy’ Dem admits he could vote for Pelosi as speaker, fueling blast from the GOP”
  • NBC News : “Would Danny O’Connor support Nancy Pelosi or not? He appeared to waffle last night.”
  • Politico: “O’Connor’s leadership comments kick up OH-12 storm”