Ohio Democrats’ Dysfunctional Family Reunion

COLUMBUS—This weekend, Ohio Democrats are hosting a Dysfunctional Family Reunion, and we expect it will be notably similar to any other family political squabble, with very little to celebrate.

The Ohio Democrat Party is desperate to make inroads in Ohio with their party’s out of touch policies, many of which they cannot even agree on themselves. This, combined with a weak slate of down-ticket statewide candidates, is a recipe for disaster for them.

For example, when Joe Biden announced his student loan forgiveness boondoggle, the ODP was quick to thank him for his policies that would see Ohio workers pay off other people college degrees. Taylor Sappington took the approach of an entitled child and believed he “earned” loan forgiveness, and Tim Ryan and Nan Whaley did a 180-degree flip-fop and claim to now oppose the plan.

According to WVXU, Tim Ryan is “going out of his way” to make Democratic voters mad at him. He even went so far as to acknowledge that the brand of the Democrat party is radioactive, which is why he pretends to be conservative despite voting with Biden 100% of the time.

“We agree with Tim Ryan that the Democrat brand is radioactive, but he is missing a very important point—it isn’t the brand, but the out of touch policies, rampant spending, and failed leadership at every level of their party that is failing.”—Ohio GOP Spokesman Dan Lusheck

Bottom Line: With Ohio Democrats in utter disarray, its no surprise they neglected to invite crazy uncle Joe to their dysfunctional family reunion.