The October Jobs Report – A Great Closing Message

Graphic by MarketWatch

On November 6th, Ohioans will wake up to one of the strongest economies they’ve ever experienced.

The October jobs report shows that our economy continues to boom thanks to Republican economic policies:

  • 250,000 jobs created – Crushing the expectations
  • 3.1% wage growth – The largest in nearly a decade
  • 3.7% unemployment – The lowest rate since 1969

This jobs report has drawn praise from pundits and economists across the political spectrum:  

  • Former Chief Economist & Economic Adviser to Vice President Joe Biden, Jared Bernstein, called the numbers “pretty much everything you could want in a monthly jobs report.”
  • CNN’s Christine Romans praised the jobs report as “very strong” and highlighted the “strong hiring from American companies.” 
  • The Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey noted that October’s numbers were a “strong final economic report for Republicans heading into the midterms.”
  • CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla praised October’s strong wage growth, noting that it was the “strongest since April 2009.” 

And it’s not just the nation. Over the last two years, Ohio’s economy has continued to take off as well:

On November 6th, Ohioans will decide whether to continue on this strong economic path or to reverse course. We already know that Richard Cordray has promised to flip Republican economic policies and that his plans would require raising taxes.

Let’s keep Ohio’s economic future bright on November 6th by electing Mike DeWine and the entire Republican ticket! 

When you head to the polls on Tuesday, don’t forget to take your Republican slate card with you! Print it here.