Chairman Paduchik Statement on Tim Ryan’s Incompetent, Job-Killing Energy Policies

COLUMBUS—Chairman Bob Paduchik issued the following statement on Tim Ryan’s pushing radical Green New Deal policies:

“Tim Ryan long supported the closing of the Keystone XL pipeline, which eliminated thousands of jobs and unilaterally increased energy prices across the country. Now, Tim Ryan is singing Joe Biden’s praises for tapping our nation’s oil reserves for one day worth of production and waging war on America’s energy industry.

“Seemingly indifferent to soaring energy prices, Tim Ryan supports shutting down yet another domestic oil pipeline, Line 5.

“Tim Ryan’s nonsensical policies only serve to empower our adversaries, undermine American workers, and cost Ohioans more to heat their homes and fill up their gas tanks.”


Statement from Ohio Republican Party Chairman on VP Kamala Harris’s Columbus Public Relations Tour

COLUMBUS—Chairman Bob Paduchik issued the following statement on VP Harris using taxpayer dollars to go on a PR tour amid the highest total apprehensions at the U.S. southern border in history:

“Vice President Harris is proving herself to be an empty suit whose list of accomplishments could be written on a grain of sand. Instead of attempting to take a political victory lap on taxpayers’ dime and reclaim any semblance of credibility, she should be doing her job and fixing the unprecedented border crisis that she continues to fuel.”