Richard Cordray would raise your taxes

Over the last few weeks, Richard Cordray has changed his tune on raising taxes, but he can’t change his record. 

When called out publicly for his plans to raise taxes, Cordray denied that he would:

DeWine Husted for Ohio Release First TV Ad – “Untested”

The DeWine Husted for Ohio campaign today began airing their first television ad for the general election – “Untested”. 

The television ad highlights Mike DeWine’s work to test 12,000 rape kits that had previously been left untested. The ad is running statewide.



Alyssa: The assailant had a gun, and he pointed it to my head. And I was raped.

Narrator: While Richard Cordray was Attorney General, 12,000 rape kits like Alyssa’s were left untested.

Cordray’s failure left serial rapists free to strike again.

Then Mike DeWine became Attorney General. He tested all 12,000 rape kits. Now hundreds of rapists are behind bars.

Alyssa: Thanks to Mike DeWine they found my rapist. Because of Mike DeWine I’m not afraid anymore.

It feels good not to be scared.


After taking office as Attorney General in 2011, Mike DeWine called for police departments across Ohio to start sending rape kits to the state crime lab for testing in all case of sexual assault and promised to add staff to process older, untested rape kits. (“Attorney General Mike DeWine calls for testing of rape kits in all cases,”, Aaron Marshall, 12/05/11)

Earlier this year, DeWine’s office announced they had cleared Ohio’s backlog of untested rape kits. The state was able to test 13,931 kits which led to 300 offenders being linked to 1,127 crimes, uploaded 8,648 DNA profiles into the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) and made 5,024 hits on a criminal profile or a match to another case. (“Ohio Clears Backlog of Untested Rape Kits,” Ohio Public Radio, Nick Evans, 02/23/18)

Now, other states are looking to Ohio as a model on how to clear rape kit backlogs. (“Washington looks to Ohio as model for clearing rape kit backlog,” King News, Natalie Brand, 06/14/18)

Recently, DeWine announced a free, online rape kit tracking system to allow victims the option to track information about testing in their case and add accountability to ensure than an accumulation of untested rape kits will never happen again in Ohio. (“Rape kit tracking system to allow victim access, system accountability in Ohio,” , Rachel Dissell, 08/09/18

The Crook Cordray Hired

Five years ago, the man Richard Cordray hired to serve as the Chief Financial Officer in the Ohio Treasurer’s office was indicted for orchestrating the biggest kickback scheme in the history of state government.  

Amer Ahmad used the position originally given to him by Cordray to solicit and accept bribes from a securities broker in exchange for awarding the broker with lucrative state business. 

When all was said and done, Ahmad had steered more than $3 million in taxpayer-funded commissions to the firm, received more than a half million dollars in kickbacks, and tried to set the same broker up with future state business through “pay to play” political donations to Cordray’s campaign for Attorney General and the Ohio Democratic Party. (Baker Hostetler, report of the independent investigative counsel regarding the office of Ohio treasurer of state Kevin l. Boyce and deputy treasurer Amer Ahmad 2009 – 2010, pp 22-26)

This is exactly what you could expect from a Cordray-Sutton administration and serves as a stark reminder to all Ohioans that Richard Cordray can’t be trusted to protect the integrity of our government or our tax dollars!

WWII Veterans call on Cordray to apologize for Nazi comparisons

The Ohio Republican Party today launched a new digital ad featuring two WWII veterans condemning Democrat Richard Cordray’s comparison of the White House to Nazi Germany and demanding an apology. 

Will Cordray listen?

In addition to comparing the White House to Nazi Germany, Cordray has also compared locally elected Republicans to Nazi collaborators. Cordray’s refusal to apologize is fueling Republican energy to defeat him in November, especially among veterans.

Three locally elected Republican veterans – Haraz Ghanbari, Clarence Mingo, and Brian Stewart – are launching a coalition of Ohio veterans to demand an apology from Cordray.    

Haraz N. Ghanbari – Navy veteran, and Perrysburg City Councilman said:

“Richard Cordray owes the people of Ohio, and especially our veterans, an apology for his hateful comparisons of Republicans to Nazis. After hearing the words of WWII veterans Vincent Francioli and Bill Herdman in this ad, I am compelled to speak out and hold Richard Cordray accountable. Today I am proud to join two of my fellow veteran elected officials – Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo and Pickaway County Commissioner Brian Stewart – in launching a grassroots effort to inform fellow veterans and voters across the state of Cordray’s remarks. We will knock on doors, make phone calls and collect signatures to keep the pressure on Cordray until he does the right thing and apologizes.”

Clarence Mingo – Army veteran, and Franklin County Auditor said:

“Comparing anyone to Nazis is despicable and undermines all efforts to bring our current political climate back to a place where civil discourse is the norm. It is my sincere hope that Richard Cordray heeds the words of these great WWII veterans and apologizes for his remarks.”

Brian Stewart – Army veteran, and Pickaway County Commissioner said:

“Richard Cordray has a lot to learn from our veterans and we look forward to providing him with an education. The people of Ohio and our veterans do not deserve to be labeled as Nazis because Richard Cordray disagrees with them politically. Between now and November 6, we will make sure that veterans and voters across the great state of Ohio know what Cordray really thinks about them.” 

Richard Cordray ignores state law prohibiting use of taxpayer resources for political purposes

Yesterday, Democrat candidate for Ohio Governor Richard Cordray was caught using taxpayer resources for political purposes, a violation of Ohio law. 

“Once again, Richard Cordray has proved himself to be unfit for the office of Ohio Governor and showed Ohioans that he can’t be trusted,” said ORP Chairman Jane Timken. “It’s embarrassing that Cordray, a former Attorney General, is refusing to follow Ohio law and copyright agreements by using a taxpayer-funded multimedia service to prop up his political campaign.” 

Ohio Revised Code 3353.07 – “The Ohio government telecommunications service shall provide the state government and affiliated organizations with multimedia support including audio, visual, and internet services, multimedia streaming, and hosting multimedia programs. Services provided by the Ohio government telecommunications service shall not be used for political purposes included in campaign materials, or otherwise used to influence an election, legislation, issue, judicial decision, or other policy of state government.”