ORP statement on President Trump’s visit to the southern border


January 10, 2019

Columbus – Ohio Republican Party Chairman Jane Timken today released the following statement in response to President Trump’s visit to the southern border.

“As Democrats play petty political games with our national security, President Trump remains committed to performing his most important job – protecting American lives. Seizures of heroin, fentanyl and other deadly drugs continue to spike at the southern border, further fueling Ohio’s opioid epidemic, but Democrats like Tim Ryan and Sherrod Brown are unfazed by the fact that these illegal drugs cost America over $500 billion per year in addition to priceless lives lost. Providing the $5.7 billion needed for the wall is a small price to pay for a more secure nation. I urge Democrats to end these games and join President Trump in protecting the American people.”  

ORP Statement on Speaker Householder’s Election


January 11, 2019

Columbus – Ohio Republican Party Chairman Jane Timken released the following statement following today’s vote for Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives:

“Congratulations to Speaker Larry Householder! As the 133rd General Assembly begins, I look forward to working with him, President Obhof, our Republican majorities, and the DeWine-Husted Administration to move Ohio forward.”

The October Jobs Report – A Great Closing Message

Graphic by MarketWatch

On November 6th, Ohioans will wake up to one of the strongest economies they’ve ever experienced.

The October jobs report shows that our economy continues to boom thanks to Republican economic policies:

  • 250,000 jobs created – Crushing the expectations
  • 3.1% wage growth – The largest in nearly a decade
  • 3.7% unemployment – The lowest rate since 1969

This jobs report has drawn praise from pundits and economists across the political spectrum:  

  • Former Chief Economist & Economic Adviser to Vice President Joe Biden, Jared Bernstein, called the numbers “pretty much everything you could want in a monthly jobs report.”
  • CNN’s Christine Romans praised the jobs report as “very strong” and highlighted the “strong hiring from American companies.” 
  • The Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey noted that October’s numbers were a “strong final economic report for Republicans heading into the midterms.”
  • CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla praised October’s strong wage growth, noting that it was the “strongest since April 2009.” 

And it’s not just the nation. Over the last two years, Ohio’s economy has continued to take off as well:

On November 6th, Ohioans will decide whether to continue on this strong economic path or to reverse course. We already know that Richard Cordray has promised to flip Republican economic policies and that his plans would require raising taxes.

Let’s keep Ohio’s economic future bright on November 6th by electing Mike DeWine and the entire Republican ticket! 

When you head to the polls on Tuesday, don’t forget to take your Republican slate card with you! Print it here.

Republicans Embark on Protecting Ohio’s Future Tour

On October 25th and 26th, Republican candidates embarked on the Protecting Ohio’s Future tour!

This eight-stop, 1,000-mile tour gave voters an opportunity to meet the Republican candidates on the November 6th ballot and hear their plans to keep our economy booming, protect our families, and build a stronger future of all Ohioans.

Watch the recap video above for more!

Comrade Cordray – Communists for Cordray

This is not a joke. The Communist Party USA is targeting Ohio’s gubernatorial race in hopes of getting Richard Cordray elected.

ORP Statement on Kavanaugh Confirmation


October 6, 2018 

Columbus – Ohio Republican Party Chairman Jane Timken released the following statement regarding Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation:

“Congratulations to Justice Brett Kavanaugh, whose confirmation will ensure future Supreme Court decisions are based on interpretations of the law and Constitution as written. Today’s vote is a victory for our right to due process and serves as a reminder to voters just how critical the upcoming election is to preserving that right. Senate Democrats, including Sherrod Brown, engaged in one of the most despicable political ploys in American history and will face the consequences on November 6th.”


Record at CFPB a Liability for Cordray

New reporting suggests that Richard Cordray’s record as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is coming back to haunt him in the Governor’s race. 

As Bloomberg reported on Cordray’s bureaucracy – “Despite the fact that “consumer protection” is part of the agency’s name, Republicans have found plenty to attack.”

This includes Cordray’s overregulation of community banks and credit unions which led 70 U.S. Senators to send a letter to the CFPN calling on Cordray to exempt those institutions from his crushing rules.

Worse than the overregulation that occurred on Cordray’s watch was the gross mismanagement, discrimination, and intimidation that took place at the CFPB.

According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, 25 percent of female, black, and Asian employees were discriminated against on Cordray’s watch. Recently, some of Cordray former employees filed a class action lawsuit against the agency due to the discrimination they experienced.

Multiple CFPB employees even testified about the culture of discrimination and intimidation that Cordray let flourish, including Senior Enforcement Attorney, Angela Martin, and Quality Assurance Monitor Kevin Williams.

Martin said – “Emotionally I’m devastated forever. The fact that this wasn’t addressed when it happened to me has allowed another trail of victims.” “This was overt discrimination and the Director should apologize.”

Williams said – “I personally witnessed and was the victim of racial discrimination perpetrated by black as well as white managers. The unit was dubbed the ‘plantation,’ because when we started, the majority of black employees were assigned to intake, which was basically data entry.”

That is not where Cordray’s mismanagement ends.

Cordray allowed renovation costs for the CFPB’s rented office building to skyrocket to more than $215 Million. For perspective, the renovation of the Quicken Loans Arena will cost $185 Million.

When asked about the exorbitant cost of his office renovation during a congressional hearing, Cordray replied – “Why does that matter to you?”

If that isn’t a good indication of the value Richard Cordray would place on your tax dollars as Governor, I don’t know what is.

Of course, there’s also the $43.8 million that Cordray’s CFPB funneled to GMMB, the ad agency and political consulting firm that worked on both of Obama’s presidential campaigns. You’re probably wondering if Cordray is now using GMMB for his campaign. He is.

Ohioans deserve a Governor they can trust, but with a record like this, who would trust Richard Cordray? 

Sex, Lies and Aftab Pureval

Democrat Aftab Pureval has been exposed for lying about using a local campaign account to fund a poll for his federal campaign.


According to the Cincinnati Enquirer:

“The poll itself – which until now has been held secret by the Pureval campaign – undermines repeated claims by them that it was for both a future clerk of courts run and an exploration of a congressional run. The poll is headlined, ‘Polling in OH-1 shows opportunity for Aftab Pureval.’ And there’s not one question about the 2020 clerk of court’s race.”

As the Ohio Elections Commission continues its work to determine if Pureval violated campaign finance laws, this report will no doubt make that decision easier.

Aftab’s problems don’t end with his campaign finance scandal, however.

Pureval is set to rub shoulders with David Letterman, whose widespread objectification of women in the workplace is especially relevant today as Democrats attempt to derail Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation over uncorroborated allegations.

Aftab’s appearance with Letterman will likely receive no pushback from his Democrat colleagues, despite the fact that Letterman’s past behavior violates the standard of conduct that they are now claiming Judge Kavanaugh violated.

This should come as no surprise as Democrats are also ignoring the past behavior of Sherrod Brown and Keith Ellison.

“Aftab Pureval lied to reporters and to the Ohio Elections Commission, but worst of all, he lied to the voters of Ohio’s first congressional district,” ORP spokesman Blaine Kelly said. “Whether by fine, vote, or both, Pureval will pay for his dishonesty.”

Cordray Thinks He’s a Baller

Running ads to highlight his nerdiness must not be working out for Richard Cordray. Now he wants you to think he’s cool and plays basketball like Obama. It’s like the campaign is desperately trying to make him relevant and likable.

Even worse for Cordray’s campaign — the latest poll from Baldwin Wallace University showed that 47% of Ohioans still don’t know or have an opinion about him. With early voting beginning in 3 weeks, that’s a bad sign. 


Despite his ugly shot, Cordray really likes basketball. In fact, as Director of the CFPB, he joked that he would have added a basketball court into their new gym, but it would have led to his crucifixion in Washington D.C.


That “joke” came as he was overseeing plans for a $215 million luxury renovation of his rented office building. Not a joke. For perspective, the ongoing renovation of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Quicken Loans Arena will cost $185 million.

“Richard Cordray wants you to think he’s a baller, but the problem is a real baller doesn’t need other people’s money,” said ORP spokesman Blaine Kelly. “Cordray had no regard for our tax dollars as head of the CFPB and would have no regard for them as Governor.”

The Record is Clear – Sherrod Brown’s Past Brought to Light

Sherrod Brown’s first wife accused him of physical and verbal abuse and was granted a restraining order against him. If this is the first time you’ve heard of Brown’s violent past, it’s because Democrats and Ohio media have swept it under the rug.

In the #MeToo era, allegations like this have been covered breathlessly about politicians from both parties. Today, Fox News is bringing Sherrod Brown’s court-documented domestic abuse to light: