Statement from ORP Chairman Jane Timken on RNC Exec Committee Resolution

Columbus, OH – Ohio Republican Party Chairman Jane Timken released the following statement on the RNC resolution condemning the impeachment inquiry.

“We strongly support the RNC Executive Committee for passing this resolution that condemns the Democrats phony impeachment process. Starting with the Russia Hoax two years ago, to holding closed door impeachment proceedings, the Dems have never accepted the results of the 2016 election and are trying anything they can to re-write history. We urge these Democrats to drop this charade and get back to working for the American people.”


Statement from ORP Communications Director Evan Machan on the Democrats’ Impeachment Vote

Statement from ORP Communications Director Evan Machan on the Democrats’ Impeachment Vote


Columbus, OH – Ohio Republican Party Communications Director Evan Machan released the following statement regarding the Democrats’ impeachment vote:
“The Democrats should be focused on working alongside President Trump to create a better future for all Americans. Instead, they continue to meddle with the results of the 2016 election merely because they cannot accept the outcome three years later. These sham impeachment hearings, and today’s vote, stem from nothing but baseless accusations. This entire process has been a distraction from President Trump’s accomplishments as well as a convenient distraction from the Democrats’ radical agendas. The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this witch hunt to continue for as long as it has.”



Chairman’s Update 10-27-19

Good Evening,
As the Democrats continue their phony impeachment proceedings, President Trump and Republicans go to work everyday to fight for the American people. The Democrats have always rejected the outcome of the 2016 election, and this impeachment process is just one more attempt at meddling with results they don’t like. Voters see right through this distraction and are tired of the Democrats’ endless witch hunts.
Last week, the RNC launched a new campaign entitled “Victims of Socialism.” Their video team spent time interviewing people who fled terrible living conditions in socialist countries. The message is clear: socialism, and the government programs that come with it, would be a disaster for America.
Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party
Portman Participates in the Grand Opening of Cuyahoga Valley National Park Boston Mill Visitor Center
On Friday, U.S. Senator Rob Portman participated in the grand opening of Cuyahoga Valley National Park Boston Mill Visitor Center. The Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park raised more than $7 million through community and corporate support to fund the project and oversaw construction in collaboration with the National Park Service.
Last year, Senator Portman introduced the Restore Our Parks Act, bipartisan legislation that would help address the nearly $12 billion backlog in long-delayed maintenance projects at the National Park Service (NPS). The bill, which has been praised by key stakeholders, would establish the “National Park Service Legacy Restoration Fund” from existing unobligated revenues the government receives from on and offshore energy development to fund deferred maintenance projects in national parks across the country. Notably, the measure would help tackle the more than $100 million maintenance backlog at Ohio’s eight national park sites. Specifically, Specifically, Cuyahoga Valley National Park has more than $50 million in unmet maintenance needs such as building renovations, road, and infrastructure improvements. Senator Portman has visited Cuyahoga Valley National Park on numerous occasions, including in August earlier this year.
Governor DeWine convenes statewide meeting on opioid litigation
On Wednesday, Governor DeWine met with more than 100 state and local elected officials and community leaders at the Governor’s Residence to discuss the opioid ligation. Governor DeWine convened the meeting so that Ohio can present a unified front in potential settlement discussions and maximize the amount of money local communities can receive to combat the drug epidemic. Representatives of the state and local governments will continue meeting this week as the litigation process advances. DeWine was joined at the by numerous county commissioners, several mayors, and Attorney General Dave Yost.
Husted Remembers What Made America Great
On Tuesday, Lt. Governor Jon Husted delivered a speech called “Remembering What Made America Great” at an Ashbrook Center event on the campus of Ashland University. The Lt. Governor used the slogan, made popular by Presidents Reagan and Trump, to highlight the principles he believes made America into the great country it is: Hard work, personal responsibility, family, faith, and freedom. You can read more in the Richland Source or the Ashland Times-Gazette.
AG Yost Announces $700 Million Multistate Settlement with Drug Distributor
Attorney General Dave Yost announced the state of Ohio will receive $39.4 million from a $700 million multistate settlement with drug distributor Reckitt Benckiser Group. The firm distributed Suboxone, a drug approved to reduce withdrawal symptoms for recovering opioid addicts undergoing treatment.
The agreement settles allegations that the distributor downplayed Suboxone’s addictive nature, and promoted Suboxone to doctors who prescribed it for uses that were unsafe, ineffective and medically unnecessary.
“This firm downplayed the risks of Suboxone while marketing it to providers who sidestepped rules for prescribing opioids,” Yost said. “These are the sort of practices that landed us in this opioid crisis.”
New LaRose Backed Law Positions Ohio as National Leader in Election Security
Last week Governor Mike DeWine signed SB 52 into law. This landmark bill strengthens Ohio’s cyber-security posture and better prepares the state for the digital threats facing Boards of Elections, critical infrastructure, and all local government entities.
“Imagine looking out the window and seeing foreign paratroopers parachuting into your town,” said LaRose. “We wouldn’t tell a community, ‘you’re on your own – your sheriff department can fight off that threat’. Well likewise, in the online world, we can now respond with Ohio’s best cyber warriors so these counties and cities have the support they need.”
The bill, originally proposed by Secretary LaRose during his time in the State Senate, does the following:
  • Empowers the Secretary of State and Ohio National Guard to both better enhance resilience to cyber-attacks of our election systems and improve responsiveness if such an attack would occur.
  • Incorporates a Chief Information Security Officer into the Secretary of State’s office to put a laser-focus on technological election security efforts both in our office and in all 88 counties.
  • Provides for the Secretary of State to have a seat on the Ohio Homeland Security Advisory Council.
  • Requires post-election audits by county Board of Elections to better ensure the accuracy of the results.
Auditor Faber Attends Bluffton University Business Competition
This week Auditor of State Keith Faber spoke to students at Bluffton University’s Business Competition. Faber highlighted the importance of the Auditor’s office in being a watchdog of taxpayer dollars. He gave real life examples of fraud and waste in government that his office has worked to identify and end. In just his first 10 months in office, Auditor Faber and his team have already identified over $4 million in misspent taxpayer dollars.
Treasurer Sprague Rallies Party Faithful in Muskingum County
Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague was in Zanesville Thursday night, where he provided the keynote address at the Muskingum County GOP Fall Dinner. In addition to providing an update on his first year in office, Treasurer Sprague touted the need to defend Ohio’s Republican majority on the Supreme Court in 2020.

Chairman’s Update 10-20-19

Good Evening,
Last Tuesday in Westerville, we once again heard nothing new from the Democrat candidates. What we did hear included Elizabeth Warren’s refusal to give an honest answer as to how her radical policy proposals will be paid for. The answer to that question is that Americans’ taxes will increase in order to pay for college for all, Medicare for all, and the Green New Deal. If the candidates refuse to be candid on the debate stage, there is zero chance we can trust them to run our country.
President Trump has kept his promises to the American people and we have a great economy plus job and wage growth to prove it. As Democrats compete to see who can be the most progressive, let’s keep working hard to re-elect President Trump. Electing anyone else will bring our great American comeback to a screeching halt. You can read my most recent Op-Ed on this very topic here.
ICYMI: I spoke with our friends at Fox Business leading up to the debate to explain why socialism will never win in Ohio.
Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party
Portman Visits Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio
This week, Senator Rob Portman visited Goodwill Industries of Northwest Ohio in Toledo to highlight a nearly $1 million grant the organization received through Portman’s Bipartisan Second Chance Act. During the visit, Portman met with individuals going through the organization’s “Stay the Course” reentry program that provides job training and guidance to medium to high risk incarcerated individuals who are reentering society and working to get their lives back on track. Portman’s Second Chance Act was reauthorized as part of the First Step Act which President Trump signed into law late last year. In total, Ohio has received over $39 million in Second Chance Act grants since 2009, which includes funds for job training, drug rehabilitation, case management, and mental health treatment.
Governor DeWine, BWC, RecoveryOhio Help Injured Workers Reduce Opioid Abuse and Diversion
On Thursday, Governor DeWine, Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) Administrator/CEO Stephanie McCloud, and RecoveryOhio Director Alisha Nelson announced that injured workers receiving an opioid prescription will also receive a drug disposal bag upon filling the prescription at a retail pharmacy. The bags destroy the opioids in a chemical process, rendering them useless for legitimate or recreational use. This disposal method not only helps prevent abuse and diversion, but is also safer for the environment. Ohio is the first state to provide drug disposal bags through its worker’s compensation program. DeWine held the announcement at Crosby’s Drugs and Home Health Care, a small business in Columbus, and was also joined by State Senator Jay Hottinger (R-Newark).
Lieutenant Governor Speaks With Students at Lima Makerfest
On Friday, Lt. Governor Husted spoke to around 1,000 students at Lima Makerfest. The event celebrates products that are made in the region. Makerfest brings together businesses, education providers, and students to showcase all the potential career paths available to young people right in their own community. As Lt. Governor, Husted leads InnovateOhio, the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation, and the Common Sense Initiative, which together seek to create a good environment for economic growth and opportunity for Ohioans.
AG Dave Yost Announces $117 Million Multistate Settlement with Johnson & Johnson
Attorney General Dave Yost announced a nearly $117 million multistate settlement with Johnson & Johnson and a subsidiary last week for its deceptive marketing of surgical devices. Ohio will receive $6.3 million under the settlement, which found the companies violated consumer protection laws by misrepresenting the safety and effectiveness of transvaginal surgical mesh devices.
“Patients can’t make the best decision for their health unless they and their health care providers know all the pros and cons of a product,” Yost said. “These companies didn’t paint a clear picture of the device’s medical risks, preventing patients from making well-informed decisions.”
Under the settlements, Johnson & Johnson will pay $116.9 million to 41 states and the District of Columbia.
Ohio Reaches Annual 100,000 New Business Milestone in Record Time
Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose announced 9,989 new entities filed to do business in Ohio in September, allowing Ohio to reach 101,352 new businesses in the first nine months of 2019. That’s the fastest Ohio has ever reached that milestone in state history.
“It’s a big milestone to reach, and to do so faster than it’s ever been done in Ohio says a lot about the hardworking men and women who are realizing their dream right here in the Buckeye State ,” said LaRose.
LaRose has been a strong advocate of entrepreneurship, and has recently implemented innovative strategies to connect new businesses with the resources they can use to be successful in Ohio.
Auditor Faber Addresses Ohio Clerks of Court
This week, Auditor of State Keith Faber addressed the annual meeting of the Ohio Association of Municipal and County Clerks of Court. Auditor Faber discussed ways for his office and local officials can better work together to make government more efficient, effective, and transparent for all Ohioans.
Treasurer Sprague’s Ag-LINK Efforts Continue to Help Ohio’s Farmers
On Thursday, Treasurer Sprague provided the keynote address at the fourth and final Center for Public Investment Management (CPIM) regional conference of 2019. Administered by the Treasurer’s Office, CPIM provides continuing education to public funds managers across Ohio. More than 100 local government fiscal officers attended the conference and participated in courses, such as finance, investments, and cash management. During his remarks, Treasurer Sprague touted the importance of financial training and how it plays a critical role in fostering strong stewardship and accountability in government.

Chairman’s Update 10-13-19

Good Evening,
The 2020 Democratic candidates will travel to Ohio for their fourth debate on Tuesday. They can pander here all they want, but Ohioans know their radical policies and calls for higher taxes on the middle class are not welcome. Our values do not align their with their agendas calling for a government takeover of the healthcare system, free college for all, and massive tax hikes to fund their progressive proposals. On top of their extreme views, they refuse to acknowledge anything the president has accomplished. Voters see right through their partisan agendas, and as we continue to work hard towards another Trump victory we will continue to spread the word of what the president does to fight for Americans every single day.
Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party
In Miamisburg, Senator Rob Portman Tours Brainerd Industries, Hosts Workforce Discussion
Last week, U.S. Senator Rob Portman toured Brainerd Industries, a powder coating and stamping manufacturer in Miamisburg. Following the tour, Portman met with the company’s leadership and local stakeholders to discuss Career and Technical Education and how his bipartisan JOBS Act legislation will help more Ohioans get the skills and training they need to find in-demand jobs.
Portman has taken the lead to address this skills gap by authoring the JOBS Act, bipartisan legislation makes high-quality and rigorous short-term job training programs more affordable by expanding access to Pell Grants for low-income students. President Trump included the JOBS Act in his FY 2020 budget request and Portman is working to include this measure in broader legislation to reauthorize the Higher Education Act this year.
Governor DeWine unveils STRONG Ohio bill to address gun violence
On Monday, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine unveiled his STRONG Ohio bill, a series of legislative proposals to better protect Ohio citizens and law enforcement officers from those with a propensity toward violence and to provide help to individuals who are a danger to themselves or others. DeWine was joined at the announcement by numerous Ohio leaders, including Lt. Governor Jon Husted and State Senator Matt Dolan (R-Chagrin Falls), who will be the bill’s primary sponsor. The bill focuses on helping enforce existing laws that prohibit dangerous individuals and violent felons from possessing firearms through a number of statutory enhancements. A detailed summary of the STRONG Ohio bill is available here.
Husted Celebrates #SaveTheCrew Victory
Last week, Lt. Governor Jon Husted spoke at the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Columbus Crew SC stadium in the Arena District, near Downtown Columbus. The Lt. Governor congratulated the fans who participated in the #SaveTheCrew movement as well as brought greetings on behalf of Governor DeWine, who, as Attorney General, led the effort to ensure Ohio law was followed and that the community had the opportunity to buy the team and keep it in Ohio.
AG Dave Yost Shares Plans to Curb Opioid Addiction with Fox News
Attorney General Dave Yost spoke with Fox News last week about a new project his office is leading in the fight to prevent opioid addiction. Yost and his team at the Attorney General’s office are beginning an unprecedented study to identify genetic factors that may make a person more prone to opioid abuse.
As the Toledo Blade noted in an editorial last week, “Ohio could be at the forefront of research on opioid abuse with a newly announced study to determine which genetic markers make people susceptible to opioid addiction. It could produce monumental results to help curb future addiction problems.”
You can watch Yost’s full interview with Fox news here, and read more of the Toledo Blade’s editorial here.
LaRose Spotlights Ohio Businesses
This week, Secretary of State Frank LaRose kicked off the Ohio Business Spotlight – an initiative designed to highlight strong businesses that can serve as examples of Ohio’s economic potential. Ohio businesses start at the Ohio Secretary of State’s office, so there is a special opportunity to empower new entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to succeed in the Buckeye state. Each month, Secretary LaRose will select various businesses around the state that share a common theme. In honor of Manufacturing Month, this October we are featuring manufacturing businesses around the state.
“My great-grandfather achieved his American dream by building a business here in Ohio — and it all started right here at the Secretary of State’s office when he filed his paperwork,” said LaRose. “By highlighting some of our state’s entrepreneurial success stories, we’ll encourage more Ohioans to make their dream a reality and maybe give them some inspiration and insight as they prepare to start their business.”
Check out the businesses in the spotlight
Auditor Faber Celebrates Wright State University Lake Campus Extension 
Auditor of State Keith Faber was in his hometown of Celina this week celebrating the extension of Wright State University’s Lake campus. Auditor Faber has focused his efforts on working to make state colleges and universities more affordable through increased frequency of performance audits.
Treasurer Sprague’s Ag-LINK Efforts Continue to Help Ohio’s Farmers
Treasurer Robert Sprague recently announced that more than 145 new and refinanced loans totaling $17.3 million have been made possible through the Ag-LINK program since July. Administered by the Treasurer’s Office, Ag-LINK provides eligible farmers and agribusinesses with reduced interest operating loans up to $150,000. Following the extreme weather of early summer, Treasurer Sprague re-opened the program’s application period to provide relief to Ohio’s farming community.
“We’re proud to partner with Ohio’s agriculture community and offer Ag-LINK as an option during this difficult growing season,” said Treasurer Sprague. “Whether it’s a new loan or refinancing an already existing one, farmers and agribusinesses can help curb some of their losses through this program.”
The current Ag-LINK application period will remain open until November 15.
Read more about Ag-LINK here.

Chairman’s Update 10-06-19

Good Evening,

As we continue to deal with the Democrats’ baseless accusations and calls for impeachment, we must continue to fight for President Trump’s re-election in 2020. The Democrats have never accepted the results of the 2016 election, and they are more focused on obstructing President Trump’s agenda than doing the jobs they were elected to do. I wrote an Op-Ed on the very topic of impeachment, and you can find it here.

ICYMI: Have you seen our “IMPEACH THIS” T-shirts? Funds raised from the sale of these shirts will be directly invested into the field as we continue our grassroots efforts for 2020. Wear them proudly!


Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party


Sen. Portman’s Op-Ed: Let’s Give Our Religious Communities the Resources They Need to Be Safe

Last week, in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Senator Portman wrote a new op-ed about his efforts to protect faith-based and nonprofit organizations from security threats and terrorist acts. Earlier this month, at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus, Portman hosted an Ohio Faith-Based Security Conference with federal and state security experts and local faith-based and nonprofit groups to discuss best practices for how to prepare, prevent, respond, and recover from potential adverse events. He has also introduced the Protecting Faith-Based and Nonprofit Organizations From Terrorism Act to authorize $75 million annually for the Department of Homeland Security’s Nonprofit Security Grant Program, which provides grants to nonprofits and faith-based organizations to help secure their facilities against potential threats.

In the op-ed, Portman writes: “I pray we will see the day when such security grants are not necessary because we will abide by the admonition to love our neighbor as ourselves. In the meantime, let’s do all we can to give our religious communities the resources they need to be safe.”

The op-ed can be found at this link.

Governor DeWine Announces Acquisition of New Land for Hunting, Fishing, Recreation

On Wednesday, Governor DeWine was joined by sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts as he announced the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) and American Electric Power (AEP) have reached an agreement that will secure more than 31,000 acres of public land in perpetuity for conservation and outdoor recreation, including hunting and fishing. The land is in Morgan, Muskingum, Noble, and Guernsey counties in eastern Ohio and will be acquired in parcels over the next two years. Also joining Governor DeWine at the announcement were Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof (R-Medina), Senator Frank Hoagland (R-Mingo Junction), Senator Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster), Senator Michael A. Rulli (R-Salem), and ODNR Director Mary Mertz.

Husted Stumps for Ohio’s Workforce Development Programs around the State

Lt. Governor Jon Husted continued traveling the state last week to increase awareness for what the state is doing to upskill workers and qualify Ohioans for jobs in new and growing fields. The Lt. Governor specifically talked about TechCred, a program launched last week by the DeWine-Husted Administration, which will help up to 10,000 Ohioans every year get the skills they need to take their career to the next level. Last week, Lt. Governor Husted’s tour took him to Cleveland, Rootstown, Youngstown, Toledo, Lima, Wapakoneta, and Columbus.

AG Dave Yost Unveils Two New Initiatives in the Fight Against Opioid Addiction

Attorney General Dave Yost unveiled two new projects last week that are aimed at preventing people from entering the opioid addiction pipeline. The first is an unprecedented scientific study that will identify the genetic factors that make an individual more susceptible to developing an opioid addiction. This is revolutionary information that can be used to guide physicians when prescribing pain medication.

“We want to know why two people can take the same drug in the same dosage and only one becomes addicted,” Yost said. “Answering that question could help us get in front of this epidemic and begin to relieve the pressure on those who are working so hard to save those who already are in the clutches of the opioid monster.”

The second initiative is a task force called SCOPE, the Scientific Committee on Opioid Prevention and Education. SCOPE will identify and develop innovative prevention and education techniques. You can read more about these two innovative projects here.

Liberal Elites Scare Voters, LaRose Stands Firm
This week, Secretary LaRose was targeted by top liberal elites in an effort to irresponsibly scare voters.

Hillary Clinton accusing Secretary LaRose of “voter suppression tactics” when he carries out his legally-required obligation to maintain accurate and secure voter rolls is just plain wrong.

Day in and day out, Secretary LaRose is working to find solutions and encourage participation in our elections, not settling for the Washington-style political games that Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren have spent her career playing. He’s following the law and running the most transparent voter list maintenance process in state history – and doing so with lots of great partners from communities all across Ohio.

While Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren go low to try to score cheap political points, Secretary LaRose is going high — working to protect the voting rights that so many Americans have fought and died for.

Auditor Faber Meets with County Officials in Marion

Auditor of State Keith Faber Met with county officials from across central Ohio this week in Marion about how government can become more efficient, effective, and transparent for all Ohioans.

Sprague Addresses JobsOhio Board of Directors

Treasurer Sprague addressed the JobsOhio Board of Directors’ quarterly meeting in Lima on Monday. Sprague provided an update on his office’s work, specifically, the ResultsOHIO program. Through the initiative, Ohio will be able to enlist private sector ingenuity to tackle public sector challenges through a series of pay-for-success pilot projects.