Statement: ORP Chairman Jane Timken on Presidents’ Day

Statement from ORP Chairman Jane Timken
on Presidents’ Day
Columbus, OH – Ohio Republican Party Chairman Jane Timken released the following statement regarding Presidents’ Day:
“As Americans, we are lucky to live in a nation once led by great men such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. As our country’s first president, Washington wanted religious freedom, a republic of free citizens, and to protect life, liberty and property. Lincoln was another influential figure in our history by abolishing slavery and upholding the notion that the president alone is sworn to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution during wartime. These great presidents have paved the way for what values our nation presently upholds, and for all presidents that have come after them. As we celebrate them today on Presidents’ Day, we should recognize President Trump’s commitment to those same values that once laid the foundation for the United States many years ago. A government of the people, by the people, and for the people is what we always have, and always will, continue to cherish.

Press Release: ORP Announces Judicial Fundraising Strength of Conservative Ohio Supreme Court Candidates

Columbus, Ohio
Friday January 31, 2020
ORP Announces Judicial Fundraising Strength of Conservative
Ohio Supreme Court Candidates:
“At a combined $1 million, the strength of fundraising for both Justice Judi French and Justice Sharon Kennedy’s re-election campaigns is unparalleled. Their opponents raised less than 1/10th of that. Republicans are fired up and ready to win in November and this is a clear testament that momentum is on our side.”
“Justices French and Kennedy have continuously upheld the conservative values of Ohioans so it is no surprise that their fundraising efforts are off the charts,” said ORP Chairman Jane Timken. “Now is not the time to rest on our laurels though. Democrats have made their playbook known: take over the majority in the Supreme Court, block any map drawn by the legislature, and get their liberal justices to drawn the most gerrymandered map in Ohio history. Conservative justices are key to our democracy, and I know people across the state are fired up and ready to re-elect both justices in November.”

Chairman’s Update 3-01-2020

Good Evening,
This past week was a great one for Republicans in Ohio. Lara Trump visited for events in the Cincinnati area, speaking at the Butler County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner on Thursday evening. Lara Trump has been a key component of President Trump’s re-election campaign. As a senior advisor, she fully embodies all the characteristics of a modern conservative woman and mother, and we were so happy to have her join us in Ohio once again.
Yesterday, Ohio Republicans kicked off a massive canvassing effort during Trump Victory’s National Day of Action. Alongside Representative Troy Balderson and more than 30 Republican candidates, I went door to door to tell the Dublin community all about President Trump’s accomplishments and also encouraged supporters to engage in the national effort to re-elect the president in November. It was truly a great day, and the support for Republicans and President Trump in Ohio is clearly palpable. I am confident that Ohioans are ready for another four great years of President Trump’s leadership.
Today also marks Ohio’s 217th birthday. On this day in 1803, Ohio joined the Union, making it the nation’s 17th state. Happy Birthday, Ohio!
Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party
On FOX Business, Portman Highlights Upcoming Legislation to Stop China’s Theft of U.S. Taxpayer-Funded Research & Innovation
On FOX Business with Maria Bartiromo, Senator Portman highlighted legislation he plans to introduce soon to stop foreign governments, particularly China, from stealing U.S. taxpayer-funded research and intellectual property (IP). Portman, as Chairman of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI), has led a yearlong investigation into this issue, releasing a bipartisan report in November 2019 that detailed how American taxpayers have been unwittingly funding the rise of China’s military and economy over the last two decades while federal agencies have done little to stop it. Starting in the late 1990s through its “talent recruitment programs,” China began recruiting U.S.-based scientists and researchers and incentivizing them to transfer U.S. taxpayer-funded research and IP to China for their own military and economic gain.
In addition, Portman praised the administration’s quick response to the threat of coronavirus and highlighted Ohio’s preparedness to handle a potential outbreak if the virus spreads domestically.
Watch the interview here.
Governor DeWine, State of Ohio Lead on Coronavirus Preparedness
On Thursday, Governor DeWine and Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton, M.D., M.P.H. joined MetroHealth President and CEO Akram Boutros, MD, and Cuyahoga County Health Commissioner Terry Allan to give an update on the state’s preparedness and education efforts to limit the potential spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ohio. Ohio has been one of the most aggressive states on terms of Coronavirus preparedness, and Dr. Acton met with Trump Administration and CDC officials this week to enhance Ohio’s efforts.
Lieutenant Governor Husted Announces Expansion of the “Get In Line, Online” Program
Last week, Lt. Governor Jon Husted traveled to Dayton to announce the expansion of the popular BMV program “Get In Line, Online” program. Get In Line Online was started as a pilot project and is now being expanded statewide by the Lt. Governor’s InnovateOhio initiative. The system lets Ohioans reserve their place in line at the BMV from home, work, or while out running errands so they can proceed through the line while doing… literally anything else. Among other priorities, InnovateOhio focuses on managing projects that deliver better customer service to Ohioans.
AG Dave Yost Provides Training & Grants to Prevent School Violence
Attorney General Dave Yost announced the development of new training materials and grants to address gaps in violence prevention in Ohio schools. The Attorney General’s office is offering a free 10-part video training series focused on threat assessment, and $500 grants are available to school resource officers and local police to help create threat assessment teams in Ohio schools. Yost said prevention is often a missing piece in school-violence protection plans.
“We aim to prevent school violence using national proven best practices,” Yost said. “This is not a top-down approach. Instead, we’re providing guidance to local law enforcement and school districts to fill this critical need.”
The training videos were compiled using best practices from leading experts, including the U.S. Secret Service, law enforcement and educators.
LaRose Welcomes Over 200 New American Citizens
This week, Secretary of State Frank LaRose keynoted an oath of citizenship ceremony at the Statehouse. 219 immigrants from over 50 countries gathered to begin their American dream.
“You all who had to work for your citizenship recognize how precious it is, and you recognize that citizenship comes with both rights and responsibilities,” said LaRose. “One of those responsibilities is the opportunity to be a registered voter.”
With the help of the Franklin county board of elections, many of these individuals became new Ohio voters.
Auditor Faber Talks Cyber Security with Business Leaders
This week, Auditor of State Keith Faber visited the Mahoning Valley where he met with business owners and community leaders from the Youngstown Warren Chamber of Commerce. Auditor Faber discussed the threats posed to government and business from cyber criminals and urged everyone to make sure that they’re protecting themselves and their data.
Sprague Touts Ag-LINK, Continues Work to Support Ohio Farmers
Treasurer Robert Sprague is reminding Ohio’s farming community there’s still time to take advantage of the Ag-LINK program. On Thursday, Sprague sat down with Ty Higgins of the Ohio Farm Bureau to discuss Ag-LINK as part of the week’s “Our Ohio Weekly” radio program and podcast. Through Ag-LINK, qualified farmers and agribusiness can qualify for reduced interest operating loans to offset the impact of upfront costs for feed, seed, fertilizer, and inventory. Last year, the Ohio Treasurer’s office helped 780 farmers and agribusinesses lower their interest rates on loans totaling more than $86.5 million.
The application period runs until March 20.
Educating Students Tops the Week for Justice Kennedy
In between traveling the state and Lincoln Day dinners Justice Sharon L. Kennedy spoke to London High School seniors and discussed the impact of the decisions made at the Supreme Court of Ohio on the lives of Ohioans, judicial philosophy, and her work on the “Lean Forward: Advancing Veterans Treatment Across Ohio” initiative.
After opening the floor up to questions, one student asked, “How do you keep your personal feelings and beliefs from influencing your decisions on the bench?” “The first thing I do is recognize my personal feelings and beliefs,” said Justice Kennedy. “We all have personal feelings and beliefs and we must acknowledge them in order to put them aside.” She then explained that the rules of constitutional and statutory construction help keep a judge’s personal feelings and beliefs from influencing the outcome of a case. She concluded by telling the students that in her view she wears a black robe to insulate her inner-self from influencing the law.
In closing, she told the students to remember that there are no ceilings in their life, only floors to walk across and stairs to climb to achieve their American Dream.
Justice French Speaks at Lincoln Day Dinners
Justice French visited 9 counties across Ohio in the past week and had the honor of being the featured speaker at two different Lincoln Day Dinners. She appreciated the chance to speak to the Republican crowds in Clinton County and Muskingum County about her race, her time on the Supreme Court and her common sense judicial philosophy.
Check out her Facebook page and follow along as she travels throughout Ohio.

Chairman’s Update 2-23-2020

Good Evening,
Last week’s Democrat debate revealed nothing new about the radical plans of socialists like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. The Democrats continued to tout out of touch proposals that will only raise taxes on the middle class. In contrast, President Trump has helped to lift Americans out of poverty and put money back in our pockets through tax cuts. Those achievements, in addition to our overall booming economy, are what Americans will remember when they cast their votes in November. The Democrats will completely destroy our way of life with their pie in the sky promises. They sit on their high horses talking down to Ohioans and people across the country about climate change and wealth inequality while jetting off in private planes and maintaining multiple homes. Ohioans don’t want a hypocritical Democrat with socialist tendencies to dictate where their money should go. We must continue working hard toward another four great years of President Trump’s leadership so we can continue to Keep America Great and out of socialism’s greedy hands.
Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party
In Springfield, Portman Visits The Abilities Connection
Last week, U.S. Senator Rob Portman visited with leadership and employees from The Abilities Connection (TAC), a nonprofit in Springfield that employs, partners, and cares for people with developmental and physical disabilities, and learned about the services that they provide for the community.
Last month, Portman introduced the bipartisan Ensuring Access to Direct Support Professionals Act — bipartisan legislation that will extend coverage to professional caregiver’s services in hospital settings so that Medicaid beneficiaries can continue to receive the care that they need. In addition, last month, Portman introduced the bipartisan SENIOR CARE to lift the Ticket To Work Program’s Medicaid age restriction and to allow for seniors over the age of 65 to continue to work and keep their Medicaid coverage.
Watch WTDN Dayton’s news clip about the visit.
Governor DeWine Presents Ohio Distinguished Service Medal to Col. Guion Bluford
On Thursday, Governor DeWine and Ohio Adjutant General, Major General John C. Harris, Jr., presented the Ohio Distinguished Service Medal to Col. Guion Bluford, United States Air Force (Retired), for his lifetime achievements in service to the state and nation.
Col. Bluford, of Westlake, flew 144 combat missions in South Vietnam as a pilot in the United States Air Force. He went on to earn a master’s degree and doctorate degree in aerospace engineering at the Air Force Institute of Technology at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Col. Bluford later entered the space program at NASA and became first African American astronaut to travel to space in 1983.
Husted Awards “Ohio Cross” to National Guard Member
Lt. Governor Jon Husted recently spoke at the Ohio National Guard’s Senior Leader Conference where he talked about the role that good leaders play in their organizations. Following his remarks, the Lt. Governor was joined by the Adjutant General of Ohio, Major General John Harris, to present the Major General Wayt Leadership Award and the Ohio Cross to two members of the guard. The Ohio Cross is the highest award given in the Ohio National Guard.
AG Dave Yost Continues Fight To End Human Trafficking in Ohio
Attorney General Dave Yost continued his fight to end human trafficking last week, testifying at the Ohio Statehouse in support of Senate Bill 247. Among other things, the legislation would split the buying and selling of sex in Ohio into separate offenses, with buying being the more serious crime.
Yost also sat down with 10TV last week to talk about what trafficking looks like, and how Ohio can do more to combat it.
“Ohio needs to lead,” Yost said. “We’ve done a lot, but we still lag. Let’s create a future where no human being is bought or sold for sex or labor.”
LaRose Speaks Out Against Jane Fonda’s Upcoming Kent State Visit
This week, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose called on Kent State University to reverse their decision to have controversial Hollywood activist Jane Fonda keynote their May 4th ceremony.
“The 50th anniversary of one of Ohio’s darkest days has the potential to serve as a moment of unity, understanding & healing in a nation that is deeply divided. However, Kent State’s decision to pay Jane Fonda $83,000 to speak at their commemoration event does the very opposite,”LaRose said. “I served 10 years in the US Army, and eight years in the Ohio Senate before becoming Secretary of State. I certainly understand that people disagree on policy issues, especially matters of war — and that’s ok. What’s not ok is providing aid and comfort to the enemy and willfully serving as a propaganda tool for those engaged in hostilities against the United States. And Ms. Fonda did that – the very definition of treason.”
Auditor of State Keith Faber Talks Fraud with Miami University Students
This week, Auditor of State Keith Faber gave a presentation to students at Miami University about how his office works every day to root out and prosecute corrupt public officials.
“The tax payers of Ohio place their trust in public officials to administer government services honestly,” said Faber, “it’s my office’s job to punish those who violate that trust.”
If you suspect public officials are lying, stealing or cheating you can reach out to the Auditor of State’s office at 1(866)372-8364 or by visiting
Sprague joins Santorum, Ohio Right to Life for legislative briefing
On Thursday, Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague took part in the “Pro-Life & Pro-Family Issues in 2020” legislative briefing. The session was hosted by Ohio Right to Life, Citizens for Community Values, and the Ohio Family Network. Former United States Sen. Rick Santorum served as the event’s keynote speaker and spoke of the need to protect human life at all stages and preserve strong family values.
Since November, Treasurer Sprague has been advocating for his Family Forward initiative. Under the plan, reduced interest loans would be available to prospective parents who are navigating the adoption process.
Back from San Diego, Justice Sharon L. Kennedy Circles the State
Since coming back from teaching professionalism at the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot, Justice Kennedy returned to the campaign trail like a whirlwind across the state. Touching voters in 14 counties, she blanketed the state. Visiting all regions of Ohio – from northwest to northeast, along the river from southeast to southwest and back to central – Sharon toured local businesses and a courthouse, attended a sportsman’s dinner, spoke to civic clubs, and engaged with students, educators, a faith based leader, and a cultural group.
Her week ended with two keynote speeches at Harrison and Carroll Counties’ Lincoln Day Dinners. While speaking about the life of President Lincoln, her message was one of hope and renewed sense of commitment to the principles that are uniquely Republican. Speaking about the American Dream that Lincoln chased and is promised to all of us, Lincoln’s deep abiding faith and the prominence of religious freedom in the Republican platform, and the importance of a strong, independent judiciary in our tripartite system of government.
“While some may view the judiciary as supporting the legislative branch, I categorically reject that notion,” Sharon said. “The judicial branch of our tripartite system of government is a separate, but co-equal branch of government. It is my duty and obligation to the people of Ohio, to interpret the law as it is written, not rewrite it or legislate from the bench. Equal to that commandment is my role to serve as the shield against the government stripping us of our God given rights, even if it is from a well meaning legislature. As a member of the judiciary, I am here to protect and defend your constitutional rights from government oppression. To protect the promise of America – your rights to free speech, to peaceably assemble, to practice your individual faith, to ensure your right to bear arms is not encroached upon and that you and your family live free and secure in your home against government intrusion.”
In concluding, she asked the voters of Harrison and Carroll counties for their vote on November 3rd.
Justice French Visited 9 Different Counties, Speaking at Rotaries, Chambers of Commerce, Lincoln Day Dinners and to a Local Farm Bureau
Justice French spoke to both the Newark Rotary Club and Licking County Chamber of Commerce about her role as a justice on the Supreme Court and why the Court matters. She also discussed her ongoing efforts to ensure that all Ohioans have equal access to the justice system.
Next week she’s schedule to speak at 3 Lincoln Day Dinners and is looking forward to seeing all of her Republican friends around the state.

Chairman’s Update 2-16-2020

Good Evening,
This past week, President Trump saw a a huge fundraising haul for his re-election campaign, with more than $60 million raised in January. This is a record breaking number and allows the RNC to invest more money into its field and data operations. Voters know what a charade the impeachment process was and that is reflected in the more than 1 million new digital and direct mail donors the Republican party has seen. The best part is that this entire operation remains unmatched by 2020 Democrats. Republicans across the country are committed to another four years of President Trump and we will continue to work hard over the next 9 months to ensure that he is re-elected.
Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party
Portman Discusses the Strong Economy, President Trump’s Budget Proposal, & Need to Address Deficit
In an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, Senator Portman discussed President Trump’s FY 2021 budget proposal that was released earlier this week. He highlighted the current strength of the economy, due in part to tax reform and regulatory relief, and how Congress should come together on a bipartisan basis to address rising mandatory spending and federal debt, a key issue for ensuring economic growth in the long term.
His interview can be found here.
Governor DeWine Announces Hands-Free Ohio Bill to Reduce Distracted Driving Deaths
On Thursday, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced details of a new bill that will strengthen Ohio’s laws regarding the use of wireless devices, including smartphones, while driving. The Hands-Free Ohio bill will make driving while handling any electronic wireless device a primary offense. This includes, but is not limited to, writing, sending, or reading text-based communications; watching or recording videos; taking photos or looking at images; livestreaming; using apps; entering information into GPS navigation programs; dialing phone numbers; or holding a device for a phone call. This bill will be sponsored by State Senator Stephanie Kunze (R-Hilliard), who joined Governor DeWine, victims’ families, law enforcement, and other Ohio leaders at the announcement.
Husted Uses Artificial Intelligence to Cut Regulations
Last week, Lt. Governor Jon Husted announced his office is adding a new weapon in the state’s fight against burdensome regulations. At a meeting of the Small Business Advisory Council, Husted announced the state is implementing the use of artificial intelligence to speed up the state’s work to find outdated, duplicative, and contradictory regulations that stand in the way of job creation. The tool is expected to do in seconds what it once took human researchers weeks or even months to do. Husted’s team at the Common Sense Initiative (CSI) will start working with the tool next week.
AG Dave Yost Announces Columbiana County Man Sentenced for Illegal Dumping
Attorney General Dave Yost announced last week that a Columbiana County man wassentenced to six months for illegally dumping waste that spilled into a waterway in Yellow Creek Township.
“There’s a stiff price for treating our environment like a dumping ground,” Yost said. “This sentence fits the crime.”
Christopher Joy, 35, pleaded guilty to complicity to illegal open dumping of solid wastes. Yost’s Environmental Enforcement Section is handling the prosecution, following a joint investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s Environmental Enforcement Unit, Ohio EPA’s Special Investigations Unit, U.S. EPA’s Criminal Investigation Division and the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office.
LaRose Holds 2020 Election Disinformation Brief for Community Leaders
Secretary of State Frank LaRose is actively fighting back against continued efforts from foreign actors to spread elections disinformation. This week, Secretary LaRose partnered with Ohio’s State Terrorism Analysis & Crime Center to host a briefing for minority community leaders aimed at educating them on disinformation threats and provide tools for successfully combatting them.
LaRose, who has positioned Ohio as a national leader in election security, has held similar training sessions for members of the media and campaign professionals.
Join the fight and help stop the spread of disinformation by following Frank on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
Auditor Of State Keith Faber Warns Public Officials About Levy Campaigns
This week, Auditor of State Keith Faber reminded public entities that have levies on the ballot that they are not permitted to use staff resources or time to promote their ballot issues. Each election, the Auditor’s office receives complaints and investigates public officials who use taxpayer dollars to promote these measures. When wrongdoing is uncovered, public officials are required to pay back the money they misspent.
You can listen to his full interview by going to
Sprague attends NAST Legislative Conference
Treasurer Robert Sprague traveled to Washington DC last week to join state treasurers from around the country at the 2020 National Association of State Treasurers Legislative Conference. The trip was marked by a series of policy discussions and time spent highlighting the recent success of Ohio’s STABLE program, which saw a 40% jump in participation throughout 2019. Also while in DC, Treasurer Sprague stopped by Capitol Hill to visit with members of Ohio’s congressional delegation, including Sen. Rob Portman and Rep. Anthony Gonzales.
Justice Kennedy Teaches Professionalism at Marine Corps Recruiting Depot, San Diego
Justice Sharon L. Kennedy took time off the campaign trail and set her sights for the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot, San Diego. Invited to speak at the TCAP Annual SVIP Training, she presented the continuing legal education program, “Professionalism: Reflecting on the Ideals.”
Discussing the principles of the Lawyer’s Creed and Aspirational Ideals, Sharon addressed Trial Counsel and support staff at the annual worldwide Marine Corps prosecutor training. “While the Marine Corps has not adopted a Lawyer’s Creed or Aspirational Ideas, the Professional Conduct Rules adopted by the Department of the Navy Judge Advocate General embodies both,” she explained.
 “There is no more compelling evidence of this than Rule 2.1 – for in your role as an advisor to your client the rule provides that in exercising professional judgment you may refer not only to the law, but to other relevant considerations such as moral, economic, social, and political factors. There can be no greater aspiration for an attorney, than to care for the whole person when giving advice and counsel,” she concluded.
In closing Sharon thanked Lt. Col. King and Lt. Col. Shows for the opportunity to teach and thanked the audience for their and their families’ service and sacrifice.
Justice French Speaks to Columbus Chartered Property and Casualty Insurers, Attends Lincoln Day Dinner
Justice French visited 5 different counties across the state this week. She’s already well on her way to visiting all 88 counties again this year.
During her travels this week, she had the opportunity to speak to the Columbus Chartered Property and Casualty Insurers about the role of the Supreme Court and why it’s important.
Justice French also enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones at the Ashland County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner.

Chairman’s Update 2-09-2020

Good Evening,
It has been a great week for President Trump and Republicans across the country. The president gave a unifying State of the Union Address that he began by saying, “The only victories that matter in Washington are the victories that deliver for our people.” Throughout his first term, and even in 2020 alone, President Trump has delivered massive results for Americans. Under his administration, drug overdose deaths have declined for the first time in nearly 30 years, with Ohio recognized specifically. The president signed two trade deals last month that will enormously benefit Ohioans. He also recognized a veteran from Cincinnati who has benefitted from Opportunity Zones. Nancy Pelosi’s childish behavior only proves what we already know: the Do-Nothing Democrats would rather put politics ahead of celebrating achievements that benefit their own constituents.
On Monday night, President Trump even set a turnout record for an incumbent president in the Iowa Caucus. As the Democrats fought over who won the caucus due to delayed results and a faulty app, the Republican party remained firmly united behind President Trump, ready for his re-election. With the impeachment sham finally behind us, we can work more diligently toward another victory in November.
Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party
Portman Keynotes Fairfield County Lincoln Day Dinner and Attends Judge McFarland’s Investiture Ceremony
On Friday, Senator Rob Portman delivered the keynote address at the annual Fairfield County Republican Party Lincoln Dinner in Pickerington. Portman spoke about his work over the past few years to deliver results for the people of Ohio on issues ranging from tax reform to confirming a record number of federal judges to fighting the addiction epidemic. He also outlined a stark contrast between President Trump and the Republicans’ vision for the future versus the Socialist policies being proposed by Democrats running for president.
Portman also spoke Friday at the investiture ceremony in Portsmouth for Matt McFarland, a new federal judge on the Federal District Court for the Southern District of Ohio. Recommended by Portman, nominated by President Trump, and confirmed by the Senate in December, McFarland is the first federal judge from Southeast Ohio in over 100 years.
Governor DeWine Highlights Jobs Announcements at Facebook, Sherwin-Williams
On Thursday, Governor DeWine gave remarks at the grand opening of the Facebook-New Albany Data Center. Sherwin-Williams also announced on Thursday that it will build a new headquarters in downtown Cleveland and R&D Center in Brecksville, building on its 154-year history in the region. The state of Ohio and its regional and local economic development partners worked together to keep one of Ohio’s leading companies in the Ohio.
Husted Visits White House, Attends National Prayer Breakfast
Last week, Lt. Governor Jon Husted traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend the National Prayer Breakfast with President Donald J. Trump. Following the event, the Lt. Governor also went to the White House to discuss Ohio’s efforts toward reforming and reducing regulations in order to pave the way for investment and job creation. As Lt. Governor, Husted oversees Ohio’s Common Sense Initiative (CSI), which looks at new and continuing regulations through the eyes of Ohio’s businesses in order to cut down barriers to job creation.
AG Dave Yost Announces Homes Improvement Contractor Indicted on 70 Charges
Attorney General Dave Yost announced his office is prosecuting a case against a home improvement contractor in southeast Ohio accused of stealing more than $400,000 from homeowners, including four elderly victims. Patrick Wilson was indicted on 70 criminal charges last week, including 68 counts of theft, and one count each of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity and telecommunications fraud.
Wilson allegedly accepted large downpayments from clients to buy building materials, but never delivered the supplies of services. A total of 34 people from Ohio and West Virginia say they lost a combined $412,000 to Wilson.
Yost’s office is prosecuting the case. Yost urged consumers who suspect deceptive or unfair sales practices to contact his office at or 800-282-0515.
New Security Upgrades Make Ohio a National Model for Election Security
This week, Secretary of State Frank LaRose announced that virtually every Ohio county has met the requirements of the Security Directive Ohio issued in June 2019. These important cyber and physical protections make Ohio the national leader in election security.
“There will inevitably be attacks on our election system,” said LaRose. “We have to be vigilant, and this successful implementation of our security directive leaves no doubt that Ohio is the best prepared state in the nation.”
This directive provided local boards of elections with a comprehensive, multi-faceted security strategy that provides the redundancy required of a strong election system infrastructure. It includes requirements for upgrading physical security, securing websites and email domains, installing cyber-attack detection, security training and more.
Auditor of State Keith Faber Looks to Audit More Ohio Colleges and Universities
Last week the Legislature approved a bill that will allow Auditor of State Keith Faber to conduct more performance audits of institutions of higher education in Ohio. Previously, the Auditor’s office has conducted only one performance audit of this nature on Ohio State, finding over $6 million in savings for Ohio’s taxpayers. Last year alone, the Auditor’s performance team found $71 million in savings for Ohio’s state and local governments. Auditor Faber has made efficient and effective government a priority and looks forward to using this new authority to deliver more results for Ohioans.
To read more about Auditor Faber’s plans, click here.
Sprague Announces $35 million Israel Bond Investment
On Monday, Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague announced the purchase of $35 million in five-year fixed Israel Bonds. The bonds are set to mature in 2025, and $28 million of the purchase will yield 2.28% while the remaining $7 million will yield 2.43%.  As a result of the purchase, the Ohio Treasury now holds a total of $175 million in Israel Bonds, continuing Ohio’s standing as the largest state holder of these bonds in the United States.
“Over the past three decades, Israel Bonds have proven to be a strong financial investment for Ohio’s taxpayers,” said Treasurer Sprague. “The highly competitive interest rates of these bonds make them a valuable investment and we’re proud to be continuing this practice in 2020.”
Sprague’s announcement continues a long-held tradition for the Ohio Treasury. Since 1993, every Ohio Treasurer has invested in Israel Bonds, joining more than 95 other state and municipal public employee pension and treasury funds.
Justice Sharon L. Kennedy Tours Medina County
Earlier this week, Justice Kennedy spent a full day in Medina County. Speaking at the Medina Chamber of Commerce luncheon, she discussed the relationship between the rule of law and economic growth. “To look at us one would think that we have nothing in common, but just below the surface we are inextricably connected,” she said. Sharon then discussed the breadth of legal issues that come before the Supreme Court of Ohio – from interpreting constitutional and statutory provisions, to construing the terms of a contract, and deciding whether utility rates are reasonable and lawful. She emphasized how the rule of law plays a significant role in economic growth and discussed numerous annual reports written on the topic.
The luncheon was followed by a meeting hosted by the Wadsworth Chamber of Commerce, with chamber members, senior citizens, and students from Wadsworth High School. Her conversation touched upon her journey and pathway to becoming a justice. Crediting many mentors along the way, she credited a high school teacher for planting the seed that there were no limitations on her potential.
“In life there are no ceilings,” said Sharon. “There are only floors to walk across and stairs to climb to achieve your dream. Do not let anyone tell you can’t, and always believe you can.”
Her next stop was at MedinaTV’s studio where she participated in the “Know Your Government” segment, which educates viewers on the role and function of the different branches of the government. Sharon discussed the work of Ohio’s highest court and described how our tripartite system of government balances power between three separate, but co-equal branches.
“We elect our legislators to create our laws and we are granted the opportunity to pick up the phone and direct their action by telling them what bills they should or should not pass,” she said. “We elect our justices to interpret those laws as written, not to rewrite them or legislate from the bench. When justices do not abide by that fundamental principle it jeopardizes our republic. Our republic is dependent upon our elected officials respecting their limited role in government,” she concluded.
Justice French spent this past week speaking to students throughout Ohio about the importance of the Ohio Supreme Court
She met with students at the Cleveland Marshall School of Law and talked to them about their careers and answered their questions.
Justice French also had an opportunity to meet with students from two schools in Gallia County this past week; River Valley High School in Bidwell and Gallia Academy in Gallipolis. At each stop she was able to discuss and educate the students about the work and importance of the Ohio Supreme Court.
She also spoke to a group of Fourth Grade students from Worthington Christian during their tour of the Ohio Supreme Court.

Chairman’s Update 2-02-2020

Good Evening,
On Wednesday, President Trump signed the historic USMCA trade agreement into law. This is a major improvement over the outdated North American Free Trade Agreement, and is a win for American workers, including Ohioans. This deal will spur economic growth, create many new jobs, and raise wages. USMCA expands market access for Ohio farm products, so we can export more products to Canada and Mexico. President Trump has made this a priority and has delivered for Americans. Promises made, promises kept.
As we step into February, it is important to celebrate the many contributions of African-Americans for Black History Month. We also recognize how President Trump has made supporting institutions like Historically Black Colleges and Universities a priority. Thanks to his leadership and our booming economy, more than 1.6 million new jobs have been created for black Americans since President Trump was elected.
President Trump has truly shown he is a president for all Americans, from all walks of life. As we get closer to November, this is something we should all remember and use as fuel to continue spreading our conservative message as we work towards re-electing President Trump.
Jane M. Timken
Chairman, Ohio Republican Party
VIDEO: Portman Praises Historic USMCA Signed into Law
In a new video, Senator Portman praised the historic signing of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement into law by President Trump. Portman highlighted the economic benefits of USMCA. Portman has been a leading advocate for USMCA, which will create at least 176,000 new jobs, expand opportunities for agricultural trade, encourage new opportunities for auto jobs in America, and add a new section on digital trade to make online sales easier. He has been consistently supportive of this modernized trade agreementwhich will replace the 26-year-old NAFTA. Portman received praise from U.S. Trade Representative Bob Lighthizer and other key leaders for his efforts to help pass this historic trade agreement.
The video can be found here.
Governor DeWine Signs Bill to Help Military Spouses Obtain Occupational Licenses
On Monday, Governor Mike DeWine signed Senate Bill 7, which eliminates certain employment barrier for military families stationed in Ohio. Governor DeWine was joined by Lt. Governor Jon Husted, Director Deborah Ashenhurst (Department of Veteran Services), and several legislative members at the Wright- Patterson Air Force Base Museum.
Husted Welcomes Sportsmen to Statehouse
Lt. Governor Jon Husted this week welcomed hunting and fishing enthusiasts from across Ohio to the Statehouse for the Sportsman Legislative Day. An avid hunter and fisherman himself, Husted shared with attendees the ways the DeWine-Husted Administration has worked to support sportsman through land conservation and other efforts since taking office.
AG Dave Yost Holds Polluters Accountable
Attorney General Dave Yost announced the owner of two northeast Ohio businesses that illegally burned and mishandled oil field waste has been ordered to pay $200,000 for polluting the environment. The owner of the Ashtabula County businesses, Richard Morrow, has repeatedly failed to address violations stemming from the unlawful transport, storage and open burning of oil field waste.
“Clean land, clean water, clean air – these are things we share, and they’re protected by law,” Yost said. “Here’s a message for every dirty environmental player: We mean what the law says, and we’re ready to take you to court.”
Yost’s Environmental Enforcement Section is handling the case.
LaRose Visit’s Israel, Addresses International Cybersecurity Conference
Secretary of State Frank LaRose traveled to Israel to speak at CyberTech, the world’s premier international Technology and cyber security conference, about Ohio’s efforts to efforts to boost election security.
The Secretary’s trip to one of our nation’s strongest allies included collaborative meetings with public officials, academics & cyber security experts, and an in-depth look into how Israel runs their elections.
Auditor of State Keith Faber Meets with Ohio Prosecutors
Auditor of State Keith Faber has the opportunity this week to sit down with county Prosecutors from around the state. Auditor Faber is committed to assisting prosecutors in investigating public corruption so that the citizens of Ohio can have confidence that their government is working for them.
Sprague Rallies Party Faithful in Clinton County
On Monday night, Treasurer Robert Sprague delivered the keynote speech at the annual Clinton County GOP Century Club dinner. In addition to touting the work of the Treasurer’s office, Sprague spoke of the importance of taking part in grassroots efforts throughout 2020. Specifically, he cited the need to get out in droves to keep Justices French and Kennedy on Ohio’s Supreme Court.
Justice Kennedy Sweeps the State with Campaign Stops
Justice Sharon L. Kennedy spent the weekend in Cleveland meeting with a faith-based-minister group and speaking to the Republican Jewish Coalition. Crossing Ohio, she then stopped in Fulton, Williams and Defiance counties for a series of events – touring the famous Spangler Candy Co., meetings with local leaders, and the local media.
On Tuesday, during a brief recess from the bench, she met with members of the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association. One of the members in the group was Luke Vollborn, the Young Cattleman of the Year.
Sharon then ended the week with stops in Morrow, Butler and Hamilton counties. In Butler, she spent the evening with the Miami University College Republican Club talking about the importance of of the 2020 election and the fate of the Supreme Court of Ohio. “In the end, our government is a reflection of us,” Kennedy said. “We decide the fate of our government by our vote and our success is directly measured, by what we are willing to do to achieve it,” she concluded.
Justice French Meets With Supporters, Introduces Recipients of Community Rescue Award
Judi spent the week meeting with friends and supporters throughout Ohio. She had several events throughout the state, spoke to the Ohio Cattleman’s Association when they visited the Ohio Supreme Court and attended the Republican Jewish Coalition meeting in Cleveland.
Judi was also honored to introduce her friends Tim and Barbara Marlowe this week at the Values Matter award ceremony. Tim and Barbara received the Community Rescuer Award and truly represent selfless love and compassion.