What you should know about Obama’s visit for Cordray

What you should know about Obama’s campaign stop for Cordray

By Chairman Jane Timken

President Obama is set to jump back into the spotlight this afternoon, campaigning for Richard Cordray. Before he does, there are a few things Ohio voters should know about the connection between these two Washington elites.

It all started in 2012 when President Obama unconstitutionally appointed Cordray to direct the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Then, after intense scrutiny, Cordray was eventually confirmed and took the reigns of the most unaccountable agency in the federal government. With Obama’s blessing, Cordray used his unchecked power to overregulate American companies, harming consumers.   

Worse than the overregulation that occurred on Cordray’s watch was the gross mismanagement, discrimination, and intimidation that took place at the CFPB.

According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, 25 percent of female, black, and Asian employees were discriminated against on Cordray’s watch. Multiple CFPB employees testified about the culture of discrimination and intimidation that Cordray let flourish, including Senior Enforcement Attorney, Angela Martin and Quality Assurance Monitor Kevin Williams.

Martin said – “Emotionally I’m devastated forever. The fact that this wasn’t addressed when it happened to me has allowed another trail of victims.” “This was overt discrimination and the Director should apologize.”

Williams said – “I personally witnessed and was the victim of racial discrimination perpetrated by black as well as white managers. The unit was dubbed the ‘plantation,’ because when we started, the majority of black employees were assigned to intake, which was basically data entry.”

That is not where Cordray’s mismanagement ends.

Cordray allowed renovation costs for the CFPB’s rented office building to skyrocket to more than $215 Million. For perspective, the renovation of the Quicken Loans Arena will cost $140 Million.

When asked about the exorbitant cost of his office renovation during a congressional hearing, Cordray replied – “Why does that matter to you?”

If that isn’t a good indication of the value Richard Cordray would place on your tax dollars as Governor, I don’t know what is.

Of course, there’s also the $43.8 million that Cordray’s CFPB funneled to GMMB, the ad agency and political consulting firm that worked on both of Obama’s presidential campaigns. You’re probably wondering if Cordray is now using GMMB for his campaign. He is.

It’s sad that President Obama knows about Cordray’s discrimination and gross mismanagement but is still willing to campaign alongside him. Just last week, President Obama said “we are supposed to stand up to discrimination,” but today he is standing with it.

In that same speech, President Obama attempted to take credit for Republicans’ roaring economy. Yet, Cordray and Obama want to turn back the clock on our economic progress.  Reports have shown that Obama plans to make the case against Republican economic policies here in the Buckeye State. 

The Republican economic agenda has proved beneficial for Ohioans, and our state is moving in the right direction. Ohioans are happy with where our country is headed – all you have to do is look at the facts.

The average Ohio family of four is seeing over $2,200 in savings, thanks to the GOP tax cuts. Jobs and investments have been pouring back into Ohio since Republicans took control – and on average, President Trump has added 82,000 more jobs per month than President Obama did.

National unemployment remains at a near-record low of 3.9%, marking only the ninth time since 1970 that unemployment has been under 4%.

Wages are growing at the fastest rate since the Great Recession, with average hourly wages rising 2.9% for the past 12 months.  In contrast, wages remained stagnant under President Obama. 

The GDP was revised up to 4.2% and is currently averaging nearly 3%. Under Obama, GDP averaged just around 2%.  

This is all great news for Ohio families and workers, but we can’t turn back the clock.  Richard Cordray has said that his first priority if elected Governor would be to “flip the economic policies implemented by Republicans.”  This means raising taxes.

Cordray would rather see Ohio go back to the devastating Obama-Strickland era policies of 10% unemployment, 400,000 Ohio jobs lost, and a depleted rainy-day fund of just 89 cents.  

We can’t let that happen.  Ohioans deserve better than Obama and Cordray’s failed economic policies.

Democrats may think that this week’s campaign stop from President Obama will motivate voters this midterm election season, but what they fail to understand is Ohioans have consistently rejected Democrat policies of over-regulation, increased spending and higher taxes.

And they will reject them again in November.

Richard Cordray would raise your taxes

Over the last few weeks, Richard Cordray has changed his tune on raising taxes, but he can’t change his record. 

When called out publicly for his plans to raise taxes, Cordray denied that he would:

DeWine Husted for Ohio Release First TV Ad – “Untested”

The DeWine Husted for Ohio campaign today began airing their first television ad for the general election – “Untested”. 

The television ad highlights Mike DeWine’s work to test 12,000 rape kits that had previously been left untested. The ad is running statewide.



Alyssa: The assailant had a gun, and he pointed it to my head. And I was raped.

Narrator: While Richard Cordray was Attorney General, 12,000 rape kits like Alyssa’s were left untested.

Cordray’s failure left serial rapists free to strike again.

Then Mike DeWine became Attorney General. He tested all 12,000 rape kits. Now hundreds of rapists are behind bars.

Alyssa: Thanks to Mike DeWine they found my rapist. Because of Mike DeWine I’m not afraid anymore.

It feels good not to be scared.


After taking office as Attorney General in 2011, Mike DeWine called for police departments across Ohio to start sending rape kits to the state crime lab for testing in all case of sexual assault and promised to add staff to process older, untested rape kits. (“Attorney General Mike DeWine calls for testing of rape kits in all cases,” cleveland.com, Aaron Marshall, 12/05/11)

Earlier this year, DeWine’s office announced they had cleared Ohio’s backlog of untested rape kits. The state was able to test 13,931 kits which led to 300 offenders being linked to 1,127 crimes, uploaded 8,648 DNA profiles into the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) and made 5,024 hits on a criminal profile or a match to another case. (“Ohio Clears Backlog of Untested Rape Kits,” Ohio Public Radio, Nick Evans, 02/23/18)

Now, other states are looking to Ohio as a model on how to clear rape kit backlogs. (“Washington looks to Ohio as model for clearing rape kit backlog,” King News, Natalie Brand, 06/14/18)

Recently, DeWine announced a free, online rape kit tracking system to allow victims the option to track information about testing in their case and add accountability to ensure than an accumulation of untested rape kits will never happen again in Ohio. (“Rape kit tracking system to allow victim access, system accountability in Ohio,” cleveland.com , Rachel Dissell, 08/09/18

The Crook Cordray Hired

Five years ago, the man Richard Cordray hired to serve as the Chief Financial Officer in the Ohio Treasurer’s office was indicted for orchestrating the biggest kickback scheme in the history of state government.  

Amer Ahmad used the position originally given to him by Cordray to solicit and accept bribes from a securities broker in exchange for awarding the broker with lucrative state business. 

When all was said and done, Ahmad had steered more than $3 million in taxpayer-funded commissions to the firm, received more than a half million dollars in kickbacks, and tried to set the same broker up with future state business through “pay to play” political donations to Cordray’s campaign for Attorney General and the Ohio Democratic Party. (Baker Hostetler, report of the independent investigative counsel regarding the office of Ohio treasurer of state Kevin l. Boyce and deputy treasurer Amer Ahmad 2009 – 2010, pp 22-26)

This is exactly what you could expect from a Cordray-Sutton administration and serves as a stark reminder to all Ohioans that Richard Cordray can’t be trusted to protect the integrity of our government or our tax dollars!

WWII Veterans call on Cordray to apologize for Nazi comparisons

The Ohio Republican Party today launched a new digital ad featuring two WWII veterans condemning Democrat Richard Cordray’s comparison of the White House to Nazi Germany and demanding an apology. 

Will Cordray listen?

In addition to comparing the White House to Nazi Germany, Cordray has also compared locally elected Republicans to Nazi collaborators. Cordray’s refusal to apologize is fueling Republican energy to defeat him in November, especially among veterans.

Three locally elected Republican veterans – Haraz Ghanbari, Clarence Mingo, and Brian Stewart – are launching a coalition of Ohio veterans to demand an apology from Cordray.    

Haraz N. Ghanbari – Navy veteran, and Perrysburg City Councilman said:

“Richard Cordray owes the people of Ohio, and especially our veterans, an apology for his hateful comparisons of Republicans to Nazis. After hearing the words of WWII veterans Vincent Francioli and Bill Herdman in this ad, I am compelled to speak out and hold Richard Cordray accountable. Today I am proud to join two of my fellow veteran elected officials – Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo and Pickaway County Commissioner Brian Stewart – in launching a grassroots effort to inform fellow veterans and voters across the state of Cordray’s remarks. We will knock on doors, make phone calls and collect signatures to keep the pressure on Cordray until he does the right thing and apologizes.”

Clarence Mingo – Army veteran, and Franklin County Auditor said:

“Comparing anyone to Nazis is despicable and undermines all efforts to bring our current political climate back to a place where civil discourse is the norm. It is my sincere hope that Richard Cordray heeds the words of these great WWII veterans and apologizes for his remarks.”

Brian Stewart – Army veteran, and Pickaway County Commissioner said:

“Richard Cordray has a lot to learn from our veterans and we look forward to providing him with an education. The people of Ohio and our veterans do not deserve to be labeled as Nazis because Richard Cordray disagrees with them politically. Between now and November 6, we will make sure that veterans and voters across the great state of Ohio know what Cordray really thinks about them.” 

Richard Cordray ignores state law prohibiting use of taxpayer resources for political purposes

Yesterday, Democrat candidate for Ohio Governor Richard Cordray was caught using taxpayer resources for political purposes, a violation of Ohio law. 

“Once again, Richard Cordray has proved himself to be unfit for the office of Ohio Governor and showed Ohioans that he can’t be trusted,” said ORP Chairman Jane Timken. “It’s embarrassing that Cordray, a former Attorney General, is refusing to follow Ohio law and copyright agreements by using a taxpayer-funded multimedia service to prop up his political campaign.” 

Ohio Revised Code 3353.07 – “The Ohio government telecommunications service shall provide the state government and affiliated organizations with multimedia support including audio, visual, and internet services, multimedia streaming, and hosting multimedia programs. Services provided by the Ohio government telecommunications service shall not be used for political purposes included in campaign materials, or otherwise used to influence an election, legislation, issue, judicial decision, or other policy of state government.”

What they are saying about Dishonest Danny O’Connor’s flip flop on Pelosi

The Democrat vying to fill Congressman Pat Tiberi’s congressional seat, Danny O’Connor, confirmed that he would support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. This comes after months of insisting to voters and media that he would not support Pelosi. 

HOST: If it’s a decisive vote would you vote against Pelosi?

O’CONNOR: We need new leadership on both sides.

HOST: You know that for the Democrats to get control, you have to have 218 members of the House vote for the candidate of the Democratic party for Speaker.

O’CONNOR: I would vote for whoever the Democratic party puts forward.

Here’s what they’re saying about O’Connor’s flip-flop:

  • Columbus Dispatch: “After long dissing Pelosi, O’Connor now says he could vote for her as speaker”
  • Cleveland Plain Dealer: “O’Connor grudgingly yielded that if Pelosi is the House Dems’ choice for speaker, ‘I would support whoever the Democratic Party puts forward.'”
  • Buzzfeed News : “Nancy Pelosi Is Making Things Complicated In Ohio’s Big Special Election”
  • Washington Post : “Ohio Democrat learns that any comment about Nancy Pelosi can and will be used against you”
  • Washington Free Beacon: “Dem Congressional Candidate Dodges, Ultimately Confirms Support for Pelosi”
  • Fox News: “‘Never Nancy’ Dem admits he could vote for Pelosi as speaker, fueling blast from the GOP”
  • NBC News : “Would Danny O’Connor support Nancy Pelosi or not? He appeared to waffle last night.”
  • Politico: “O’Connor’s leadership comments kick up OH-12 storm” 

He lied – Danny O’Connor admits he WOULD support Nancy Pelosi

Last night, the Democrat vying to fill Congressman Pat Tiberi’s congressional seat, Danny O’Connor, confirmed that he would support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. This comes after months of insisting to voters and media that he would not support Pelosi. 

O’Connor’s flip-flop comes as no surprise, as his campaign has been funded by Pelosi’s cronies all along and his policy positions align with hers almost perfectly. The biggest problem for O’Connor is that he lied to the voters! 

Watch what O’Connor said last night on MSNBC:

HOST: If it’s a decisive vote would you vote against Pelosi?

O’CONNOR: We need new leadership on both sides.

HOST: You know that for the Democrats to get control, you have to have 218 members of the House vote for the candidate of the Democratic party for Speaker.

O’CONNOR: I would vote for whoever the Democratic party puts forward.

Here’s what the Columbus Dispatch wrote about O’Connor’s interview:

After long dissing Pelosi, O’Connor now says he could vote for her as speaker

By Darrel Rowland 

After saying for months he would not back Nancy Pelosi as the Democrats’ leader in the House, congressional candidate Danny O’Connor told a national television audience Tuesday night he would back whichever candidate the Democrats put forth.

Questioned repeatedly by MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews if he would support Pelosi if a Democratic speakership depended on his vote, he finally said: “I would support whoever the Democrat is.”

Previously, O’Connor several times gave the answer he has rendered on the campaign trail and in TV ads: Both parties in the House need new leadership, and “the old ways aren’t working.”

O’Connor is seeking the 12th Congressional District seat vacated in January by Republican Pat Tiberi. The Franklin County recorder is opposed by state Sen. Troy Balderson, R-Zanesville.

Republicans, who have centered their campaign attacks on O’Connor by attempting to link him to the controversial minority leader from San Francisco, immediately pounced after the broadcast.

“When pressed by Matthews, he easily caved in and admitted what we’ve all known — if elected, he will just be another Democrat shill for Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco agenda. It’s no surprise this comes days after the DCCC poured money into the race,” said Mandi Merritt, Ohio communications director for the Republican National Committee.

“Ohioans deserve someone who will stay true to his word, not someone who will easily cave to D.C. interests.”

O’Connor’s statement came after he spent the day in Washington, meeting several Democratic House members as he was escorted by Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Niles. It also came the same day that a major election handicapping site— Sabato’s Crystal Ball — moved the 12th district match-up from “leans Republican” to “toss-up.”

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, controlled by Pelosi, is airing $238,000 of anti-Balderson ads.

“After months of playing coy, O’Connor finally confirmed he would support Pelosi for speaker if he made it to Congress. And when she’s spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to get him elected, I’m not surprised,” said Chris Martin of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Blaine Kelly of the Ohio Republican Party, which has sent thousands of mailers throughout the 12th district with Pelosi’s and O’Connor’s photos displayed together, said simply, “He lied.”

Richard Cordray must tell Ohioans where he stands on Medicare for all

Remember when Hillary Clinton said “You need both a public and a private position” on policy? Well, Richard Cordray has embraced that advice, especially when it comes to Medicare for all.

Ohioans have a right to know where Richard Cordray stands. Would he support Medicare for all as Governor, or not?

In public, Cordray dodged the question THREE TIMES. Watch:

Q: The Ohio Republican Party sent out a press release this afternoon, attempting to suggest you support single payer. Where do you stand?

CORDRAY: So I support the health care law that we have on the books today… I’ve not seen a plan that allows us to have single payer for the state of Ohio…

Q: So do you support or oppose single payer?

CORDRAY: Single payer is not in the law.

Q: Right, I’m asking you your position.

CORDRAY: Single payer is not part of the law, it is not part of the program in Ohio or the United States at this point in time…

In private, Cordray tells supporters that he is open to all options and would like to see healthcare for all. Listen:

Q: “You mentioned health care access earlier and I’d like to ask you, what you think you can do as governor to improve health care access? And particularly, I’d like to know is how you feel about a public option or Medicare expansion versus a market-based?”

CORDRAY: “I’m open to all suggestions and they have to be tempered a bit by affordability at the state level. You know I would like to see health care for all because I think it is a right, I think it is a basic human right and I think it’s in the UN charter that it’s a human right, not just a political right.”

Nobody’s perfect…

Democrat Richard Cordray has yet to apologize for comparing Republicans to Nazis on at least two occasions.

According to NBC 4 Columbus, Cordray “has yet to back down” from the comments, but instead continued to dismiss the outcry over his offensive remarks by claiming “nobody’s perfect.”

Outside of the Democratic party, Cordray’s remarks have been widely condemned, with The Cincinnati Enquirer and The Toledo Blade even publishing editorials criticizing him. By refusing to apologize for his statements, Cordray is demonstrating an alarming lack of judgment and character, proving himself unfit to lead.