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DeWine Cleaned up Cordray's Messes and Made Ohio a Model for the Nation

News broke today that the state of Washington is looking to Ohio as a model for clearing its rape kit backlog. Read More

ORP Calls on Cordray to Take Position on Medicare for All

National Democrats campaigning for Richard Cordray are shifting their stances to support Bernie Sanders' single payer healthcare plan. One week ago today, Nancy Pelosi said single payer health care should be evaluated if Democrats win the House in November.  Read More

New Kathleen Clyde campaign slogan: I'll break my oath of office!

After yesterday's Supreme Court ruling that Ohio's law for removing inactive voters from the rolls is legal, Democrat candidate for Secretary of State Kathleen Clyde stated that she would not enforce the law if elected. Read More

Ohio's Jobless Rate Hits 17-Year-Low Under Republican Leadership

News broke today that Ohio's jobless rate hit a 17-year-low in April, reminding us of how far we've come since the dark days of Ted Strickland and Richard Cordray. Here are some highlights from today's jobs report: Ohio's jobless rate hit a fresh 17-year-low 7,000 people joined the labor force and 11,000 found jobs in April 42,400 jobs have been created in Ohio since December Read More

Statement from Chairman Timken on May 8 Primary Election Victories

The following statement may be attributed to Ohio Republican Party Chairman Jane Timken. Read More

Happy Tax Day - Ohio Democrat Party Staffers Receive Up to $2,900 More This Year Than Last

For months, Sherrod Brown and the Ohio Democrat Party have demonized and demagogued the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. They claim that everyday Ohioans will only receive “crumbs” from tax reform. They claim that working Ohioans won’t see benefits from tax reform. They claim that that tax reform won’t help the middle class. Read More

Cordray funneled $43 Million to Obama, Clinton PR firm as CFPB Director

Did you know that as Director of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB), Richard Cordray funneled $43,453,250 to an Obama, Clinton aligned PR firm called GMMB, Inc? That is the highest level of PR spending of any agency over the last decade! Read More

Sherrod Brown's countdown to tax day

Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown's favorite day of the year, tax day, will be here before we know it. To help him celebrate, we will highlight his abysmal record on taxes everyday until April 17th! April 14 - Sherrod Brown flip-flopped on CHIP to waste your tax dollars on the Schumer Shutdown In the months leading up to a critical vote to fund the government, Sherrod Brown's favorite talking point was the need to fund the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). He even went on MSNBC to wrongly attack Republicans for not taking care of CHIP.   Less than a month later, when it came time to take care of CHIP, Sherrod Brown voted NO. Instead of standing by his calls to ensure funding for the 223,583 Ohio children depending on CHIP, he caved to Chuck Schumer and supported a government shutdown. Before supporting the Schumer Shutdown, Brown opposed shutdowns: "Another shutdown would hurt all Americans, but would be particularly hard on those that need the help the most: children, older Americans, and those with disabilities,' Brown said. 'It's time to stop the partisan stunts, and pass a clean continuing resolution so that these Ohio families don't have to worry about where their next meal is coming from." (Senator Sherrod Brown, 9/23/15) Other Democrats previously opposed shutdowns as well: "Congress cannot keep governing by crisis and expecting the American people to pick up the slack." (Senator Jon Tester, 9/30/15) "In the event of a catastrophic economic debacle, it will be middle class Pennsylvanians that will shoulder the consequences." (Senator Bob Casey The Philadelphia Tribune , 10/13/13) "When the government is shut down, it costs this country literally billions, even trillions of dollars." (Senator Elizabeth Warren, MSNBC 5/2/17)  Sherrod Brown's hypocrisy on government shutdowns and his flip-flop on CHIP was a disgrace. His political games wasted taxpayer dollars and accomplished nothing. It's time to elect a Senator who keeps their word and puts Ohioans first! April 13 - Sherrod Brown supports using your tax dollars to fund abortions in foreign countries. The Mexico City Policy was originally announced by President Reagan in 1984 and required nongovernmental organizations to agree as a condition of receiving any federal funding that they “would neither perform nor actively promote abortion as a method of family planning in other nations.” (CBS 1/23/17) During his 25 years in Congress, Sherrod Brown has voted against this policy every time it has been put on the floor.   The policy was rescinded by Clinton in 1993, reinstated by Bush in 2001, rescinded again by Obama in 2009, and finally reinstated by President Trump in 2017. This is yet another example of Sherrod Brown wasting your tax dollars to further his far-left ideology. April 12 - Brown consistently votes for policies that leave taxpayers holding the bag, like President Obama’s failed $830 Billion stimulus program. In February 2009, Sherrod Brown voted for Obama's $830 Billion stimulus program that promised massive economic growth, but failed almost immediately. By December 2009, Brown told taxpayers that a second stimulus was needed. “The call for more spending comes as the federal budget deficit has climbed to $1.4 trillion, and the government is expected to record massive deficits throughout the next decade. ‘We have no choice,’ said Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio.” (The Columbus Dispatch, 12/7/09) Obama made big promises about the stimulus that failed miserably: The stimulus will keep unemployment below 8 percent and it will fall under 6 percent by 2012.  Brown: “This bill will go a long way toward putting Americans back to work and our economy back on track." (The Toledo Blade, 2/12/09) By August of 2012, unemployment was still over 8 percent. (BLS) Shovel ready jobs. Brown: So it’s not just shovel-ready projects that are ready to go now that will create jobs, it’s also – it’s also green jobs" (ABC’s “This Week,” 12/28/08) Even Obama admitted this failure, stating: The "green economy" will create millions of jobs. The Department of Energy handed out $35.2 Billion to jumpstart clean energy, but instead of a roaring "green economy" we got Solyndra.  One million electric cars will be on the road by 2015.  It's 2018 and there are still not one million electric cars on the road in America. Instead of one million electric cars, we got Fisker and A123 systems. Sherrod Brown has gambled with taxpayer dollars for too long. It's time to elect someone who knows how to differentiate between a successful investment and an $830 Billion failure.  April 11 - Sherrod Brown supports the individual mandate, which hits low and middle-income Ohioans hardest. Sherrod Brown loves the word "mandate." Yesterday we highlighted his calls for higher taxes in 2012 when he said, "Democrats have a mandate to raise taxes." Today we'll take a look at his support of the Obamacare individual mandate. So what is the Obamacare individual mandate? The "individual shared responsibility payment," as explains, is the tax you pay if you choose not to purchase healthcare. Does that sound like freedom? Many Ohioans don't think so, but Brown pushed back against that criticism in 2011, saying: "The contentious requirement that all U.S. residents have health-care coverage or pay penalties is not a move toward communism, and everyone needs to have a plan if insurance companies are to be required to cover those with high-risk conditions." (The Toledo Blade, 1/3/11) What Brown cannot push back on is the fact that lower and middle-income Ohioans have been hit hardest by his support of the individual mandate. According to the New York Times, Ohioans making between $25,000-$50,000 per year are most likely to pay the penalty tax than purchase healthcare. This income group is less likely than higher earners to get health insurance through work, and many do not qualify for an exemption based on affordability because they would be eligible for premium subsidies reducing the cost. (NYT 11/28/17) 37 percent of those uninsured, who must pay the penalty tax, say they do not buy healthcare because they can't afford it. Making matters worse, the average penalty tax in 2017 was $708, more than double what it was just two years prior. That means the average Ohioan, who made a choice not to purchase healthcare, was forced to pay the federal government $708 in 2017 for NOTHING. What could you do with an extra $708?    Thankfully, the individual mandate was repealed with the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Brown voted NO) and will no longer penalize Ohioans beginning in 2019! April 10 -  After the 2012 election, Sherrod Brown said Democrats have a mandate to raise taxes to reduce the deficit.  Sherrod Brown showed his true colors in 2012 by immediately calling for higher taxes after his reelection.  “Sen. Sherrod Brown said Democrats have a mandate after this month's elections to raise taxes on the wealthy as part of any agreement to reduce the deficit.” (The Cincinnati Enquirer, 11/22/12) This wasn't the first time that Brown supported raising taxes to pay for his big government ideals. As we said on April 4th, Brown voted for the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993, which included $250 Billion in higher taxes, and was called "one of history's largest tax increases by the Columbus Dispatch.  Sherrod thinks the only way to reduce the deficit is to raise taxes. To prove him wrong, we only need to look at Ohio. After Ted Strickland and Richard Cordray left Ohio in an $8 Billion hole with 350,000 fewer jobs, Republicans turned it into a $2 Billion dollar surplus WITHOUT raising taxes. In fact, Republicans lowered taxes for Ohio families and created a pro-growth business environment that has attracted nearly 500,000 jobs. April 9 - Sherrod Brown and Chuck Schumer want to repeal your tax cut. Middle-class families are keeping more of their hard-earned money, but Senator Sherrod Brown wants to repeal their tax cuts with his boss, Chuck Schumer. Brown is not only pushing to repeal your tax cut, he is pushing to eliminate new economic opportunities for Ohio families as well. Tax reform is already delivering bigger paychecks to Ohioans. In fact, the average Ohio family is expected to save nearly $2,300 per year as a result of the new law. Additionally, millions of Americans have already received bonuses from hundreds of companies. This includes dozens of Ohio companies, like Nationwide and Sheffer Corporation. Tax reform is working and 59% of Ohioans approve of the new law. Tell Sherrod Brown to stop this charade and keep his hands out of your pockets! As White House deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters said: “Only tone-deaf Democrats could think the proper response to the booming Trump economy, higher wages and hardworking Americans keeping more of their own money is to reverse the policies that got us here."   Read More

Chuck Schumer's Batboy

As President Trump visits Richfield, Ohio to discuss his $1.5 trillion dollar plan to rebuild our nation's crumbling infrastructure, Chuck Schumer and his batboy Sherrod Brown will be schmoozing liberal elites at Progressive Field.  From flip-flopping on CHIP in support of the Schumer Shutdown, to voting against tax cuts for Ohio families, to another flip-flop on infrastructure, Sherrod Brown has proven himself to be a reliable batboy for Chuck Schumer.  Read More

Would Steve Dettelbach join politically motivated lawsuits?

Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced that a question on citizenship status will be reinstated on the 2020 decennial census questionnaire to help enforce the Voting Rights Act. Read More